General Questions

What is Radar?
What is a Radar User?
Radar Users are the members of your company who have access to Radar's business intelligence reporting, operatio...
What is a Radar Superadmin?
Radar Superadmins are the members of your team responsible for the implementation & maintenance of your Radar da...
Why am I receiving an 'Access Denied' error when I log in?
The 'Access Denied' error is generated when a User attempts to access a Module they do not have privilege...
Radar Support Center: Ticket Submission & Tracking
You can now submit and track tickets from the Radar Support Center! If you search for an answer and can’t find w...
Contact Radar or Advantage Support
The best way to contact our Support team during business hours (M-F) is live chat. Click the Chat With Us button in ...
What does the red exclamation point icon in the upper right corner mean?
If a red circle with an exclamation point is visible in the top right of all Radar pages, there are alerts pend...
Radar and Advantage Support Email Policy Updates - Q2 2022
In an effort to improve your Radar and Advantage Support experience, and get you answers as quickly as possible, sta...
How do I add a Report to a Report Batch?
Any Report from the Reports Module can be added to an existing Report Batch by a Superadmin. Once added, the Re...
How do I add an Export to an Export Batch?
Any Export from the Exports Module can be added to an existing Export Batch by a Superadmin. Once added, the Ex...