In an effort to improve your Radar and Advantage Support experience, and get you answers as quickly as possible, starting June 1, 2022, you will no longer be able to create new support cases (tickets) by emailing the following addresses:


When you email any of these addresses, you'll receive an automated reply notifying you that we didn't receive your email and providing instructions on how to log in to our Support Center to submit a ticket to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change?

The simple version: to save you time and effort.

The longer version: historically, our way of making it as easy as possible to contact us was to allow anyone to email us from any address. That policy reduced up-front effort for you, but it actually increased your overall effort and slowed down our response and resolution times. Requiring Support Center submission for all new issues offers the following benefits:

Automated Categorization and Assignment

We needed human eyes to categorize and assign every email we received. This created a constant backlog, resulting in a first assignment time nearly two hours longer than on cases submitted through the Support Center. This difference, multiplied by many thousands of tickets, equals far too many of your hours wasted.

Less Back and Forth

Customers (understandably) don't always know how much detail we needed to begin investigating an issue, forcing us to prompt them with more questions. That back-and-forth involves more effort than a simple, up-front submission form. 

No Guessing Who You Are

We receive many emails that aren't associated with Support Center accounts. As a result, we have to spend time figuring out which accounts each of those email cases relates to. This is one of the reasons we consistently responded to Support Center submissions more than 50% faster.

Consolidated Case History

Furthermore, when we have to review case history of customers that use more than one email address, the process is inefficient and sometimes causes us to miss relevant information. 

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Does this mean I can't email your Support team at all?

No, it only means you can't create a new ticket by email. When you create a ticket through the Support Center, you'll receive an email notification at the address associated with your account, as well as a notification each time one of our agents replies. If you reply to these system-generated emails, your messages will be appended to the related ticket automatically. 

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What is the Radar Support Center?

Our Support Center contains a wealth of product documentation that you can browse or search at your convenience. We also offer forums where users can ask each other questions. If you register for an account, you can submit support tickets or start conversations with your peers.

Please keep in mind that you'll need a separate login to access the Support Center than you use for our Radar and Advantage products. You can use the same email address in both systems, but you'll need to sign up separately in our Support Center to create tickets (if you've emailed us in the last four years, you should already have an account). If you have a Support Center account but can't remember your password, or if you never set one, see the "What if I forgot my Support Center password?" section below.

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How do I register for a Support Center account?

Click Log In in the top right corner of the site:

Then click Create an Account:

Alternatively, you can visit the registration page directly. Be sure to complete all form fields and click Register. You'll receive a confirmation message stating that an activation link was sent to the registered address.

Then, in your email account, you'll find an email from Radar (Ctuit) + Advantage Support with a link:

When you click it, you'll be asked to confirm your full name and the password you want to use. After you enter this information, click Activate and Log in:

This step will complete your registration.

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What if my email address is already in the system?

If you try to register for an account with an email address that is already in our system, you'll receive this message:

If this is the case, you'll have to reset your password.

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How do I log in to my Support Center account?

If you're using the most recent version of Radar, you can click the option in the top right and click Radar Support Center:

If you're using an older version of Radar, you can find a link at the top in the middle:

If you're using Advantage, you can visit the Support Center directly.

Once you arrive, click Log in at the top right:

If you see the Log Out and Profile options, you're already logged in:

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How do I submit a support ticket?

After you log in to the Support Center, click New Support Ticket below the search bar (if you're not logged in, you'll be prompted to log in first):

You can also access the ticket submission page directly

On this page, simply fill out all required fields and click Submit. Providing the requested details allows one of our Support team members to answer your ticket quicker with a better understanding of your needs.

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What if I forgot my Support Center password?

If you've forgotten your password, just click Forgot your password? on the login page:

On the password retrieval screen, enter your email address in the field provided and click Reset My Password:

You'll receive a message confirming that password reset instructions have been emailed to you. 

In your email account, you'll receive an email that includes a link:

Once you click it, enter your new password in the fields provided and then click Update & Log in:

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How do I view all tickets submitted by my organization?

You can view all tickets you've personally submitted on your ticket history page. To access it, click Check Ticket Status below the search bar, or Tickets in the site header (if you're not logged in, you'll be prompted to log in first):

Use the options provided to sort by status or created date:

To see tickets submitted by all accounts associated with your organization, submit your request in a ticket and we can enable that option for you. 

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