Radar Superadmins are the members of your team responsible for the implementation & maintenance of your Radar database and the only members of your ream who have access to support & the ability to make billable changes or requests for the database.

Who are the Superadmins for my database?

The list of Supersdmins for your database can be found on your personal user page.

Your personal user page is accessible through the Waffle Menu

On your personal user page, the Superadmins are listed at the top.

Superadmin Accesses

Superadmins have full access with no restrictions.

  • Note: Full Access = All modules, all configurations, access to support and authority to approve billable charges.

Number of Superadmins per database

The database must have a minimum of one Superadmin. 

  • Best Practice: It is recommended to maintain two or more active Superadmins. It is important to ensure that multiple people have Superadmin access and knowledge, incase one Superadmin is unavailable or leaves the company.

The database can have a maximum of five Superadmins.

Superadmin Responsibilities

Superadmins are responsible for owning the implementation process and ongoing database maintenance.

Ongoing Superadmin Responsibilities

  • Act as a liaison with any other third-party software
  • Manage Users
  • Adjusting configurations as needed
  • Watching for alerts & maintaining the DB
  • Facilitate liaison trainings with standard users

Implementation Superadmin Responsibilities

  • Attend consultations
  • Act as a liaison with any third-party software
  • Complete administrator trainings
  • Complete database setup configurations
  • Fine tune database configurations for company’s operational needs
  • Configure user permissions
  • Add users
  • Facilitate liaison trainings with standard users

Adding and Removing Superadmins

Only Radar Support can change a User's Superadmin status. 

  • Note: Only existing Superadmins have authority to submit Support cases.

Removing a Superadmin

  1. Submit a case to support to remove the Superadmin status
    • Include the Username of the Superadmin as it appears in the User Manager

  2. Deactivate the User or provide Standard User privileges

Adding a Superadmin

Note: Support cannot create new Users on the database.

  1. Prep a User to receive Superadmin status by either:
    • Creating a New User 
    • Removing existing Privileges from an existing Standard User

  2. Submit a case to support to Add Superadmin status
    • Include the User Name of the Superadmin as it appears in the User Manager