Any Report from the Reports Module can be added to an existing Report Batch by a Superadmin. Once added, the Report will be emailed to the configured recipients when the Report Batch is run. 

  • Note: Only Superadmins have access to add Reports to Report Batches.
  • Note: Reports and Exports cannot be added to the same batch. Learn more about adding Exports to Batches here.

Adding a Report

1. Open the desired Report from the Report Module 

  • Note: This example uses the 'Consolidated Pmix' Report

2. Select the desired Location Group in the 'Step 1 - Choose Location' section


The Location Group selected will determine which Locations are included in the Report when the Report Batch is run. 

Select a single Location Group or use the 'Select multiple & merge' feature to select multiple Locations. If 'Select multiple & merge' is used, the Report will be run for each of the selected Locations separately, then combined into a single PDF file. 

  • Note: The Location Group can be changed on the Report & Export Batch page to a single Location Group or to 'User Primary Group'. Changing the Location Group to 'User Primary Group' will use the User's Primary Location Group to determine the Locations in the Report.  

3. Set the desired 'Step 3 - Other Options' settings

The 'Step 3' settings will determine how the Report is run when the Report Batch is sent.

  • Best Practice: To view the settings for the Report at a later date, save a Report Preset for the Step 3 configurations. 

4. Click the button near the Report's name above 'Step 1'

    The 'Add to Report Batch' form will open inside of 'Step 4'

5. Select the Report Batch that the Report should be added to 

  • Note: The drop-down menu will have all configured Report Batches. If the desired Report Batch is not present, return to the Report & Export Batch page in Company Config and ensure that the Report Batch is configured properly. 

6. Select the Run Period

The Run Period is similar to the date range selected in 'Step 2'. This setting will determine what timeframe is included in the Report when the Report Batch is run. 

  • Note: Only the Run Periods in the drop-down can be selected.

7. Add Notes

Notes can be added to help differentiate Reports within the Report Batch. This is frequently used when multiple versions of the same Report are added to the same Report Batch.  

8. Click Save to add the Report with the selected 'Step 3' options, Run Period, and Notes to the selected Report Batch. Click Cancel to close without saving.

Confirming Report Batch Settings

Once the Report is added to the Report Batch, the Location Group, Format, Run Period, Email Subject Line, and Notes can be updated. 

1. Navigate to the Report & Export Batch page in the Company Config Module

2. Click the  button in line with the desired Report Batch

This will open the Report table at the bottom of the page

3. Click the pencil icon  to edit the following details:

  • Output Type- PDF is the default output type. 
    • Important Note: Reports are designed to be viewed as PDF; other types may not display properly.
  • Location Group- Location Group that the Report will include. 
    • Best Practice: Change this setting to 'User Primary Group' so that each User only receives information for the Locations that they have access to. 
  • Period Type- The timeframe included in the Report. 
    • Important Note: Not all Period Types are available for all Reports. Changing this setting to an unsupported Period Type for the Report may cause the Report to fail. 
  • Notes - Comments about the Report. This field is not included with the emailed Report.
  • Email Subject Line and File Name - The name of both the email and attached file when the Report is emailed. 

To delete the Report, click thered xbutton