Payroll Validation

Payroll Validation Overview
The Payroll Validation page allows you to view one or more Location's payroll validation status for a selecte...
Minimum Wages
The Minimum Wage page allows you to view, edit, and create minimum wage entries for use in Special Pay calculations....
Payroll Validation Location Assignment
The Location Assignment page allows you to assign Location(s) to rule sets against which their payroll data will be ...
Payroll Validation Rule Setup
The Payroll Validation Rule Setup page allows you to view, create, and edit payroll validation rule sets. A ru...
Payroll Validation Settings
The Payroll Validation page allows you to configure Payroll Validation module settings. Only Users with the proper p...
Process (Lock) Payroll
Since RADAR goes back 21 days to look for any changes in labor, any information within this timeframe that has been ...
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