Labor Scheduling Overview


View Schedules

The View Schedules page is the base page of the Labor Scheduling module.  This page displays generated (“posted”) schedules for Advanced Labor Scheduling module users.  For basic module users, this page displays schedules that have been imported from the P...

Schedule Builder

The Builder page allows you to build, edit, and post weekly labor schedules. Multiple labor schedules can be built each for each week, which allows you to have a separate schedule for each job, work center, or any combination thereof. This page is only ava...

Labor Templates

The Labor Templates page allows you to create multiple labor scheduling templates for each location, which helps you save time when building a new schedule. Each template consists of multiple shifts that display a job type and a time range for each day in ...

Time Off Requests

The Time Off Requests page allows you to mark an employee as unavailable for one date, a date range, or on a recurring day of the week. These requests will show up in the Alert Summary of the Builder and on the Weekly Labor Schedule Detail report if an emp...

Labor Quick Notes

The Quick Notes page allows you to view, edit, and/or create a new quick note. These quick notes appear when selecting "Add Shift" on the Builder page in the "Shift Details" window, or on the Template page in "Add Shift" windo...

Radar Schedules App



The Approvals page collects and displays information for the shift changes that have been made or propose through the Schedules app. Filter by location and status to display changes in the Approvals table at the bottom of the page.  The table displays ...

Approval Notifications

The Approval Notifications page allows you to set up notifications for proposed shift changes and time off requests.  To view users with existing notifications, filter by location and select SHOW. Any results will show at the bottom of the page. Edit...

Employee Accounts

The Employee Accounts page allows you to invite employees to use the Ctuit Schedules app, and to edit their details.  Show - You can filter by Employees with Activity in the Last 90/30 Days, All Active Employees, or you can search by name. The latter opt...