The Employee Accounts page allows you to invite employees to use the Ctuit Schedules app, and to edit their details. 

  • Show - You can filter by Employees with Activity in the Last 90/30 Days, All Active Employees, or you can search by name. The latter option will cause an auto-fill field to appear, where you can type an employee’s name. 
  • Show terminated employees - Choose whether to include terminated employees in your search. 
  • Location - Filter by location. 

Employee Accounts Table 

The Employees table displays results in accordance with your chosen filters. You can make use of the following options: 

  • Edit - By selecting the pencil icon, you may edit the Email Address field. The User Name and Phone Number fields may only be changed by the user, through the App. 
  • Terminate - If you desire to terminate an employee, enter the termination date by either typing the desired date into the date field or by selecting the calendar icon and navigating to the desired day. Select TERMINATE to terminate the employee. Upon selection, a pop-out window will display confirmation of termination. By selecting OK the employee will be immediately taken off the email list and be designated as terminated within RADAR. 
  • Send Invite - Select SEND INVITE to invite an employee to use Ctuit Schedules. This will open a new window. 
  • Employee - This field displays the name of the employee. 
  • Employee User Name - Use this field to set the employee’s User Name. Note that this is set once the invite is sent. 
  • Employee Email - Use this field to enter the employee’s email address. This can be changed once the account is active. 
  • Employee Phone - Enter an employee’s phone number into this field. 
  • Invite By Email/Text Message - You can choose to invite an employee either by email or by text message. This will send the employee details of their user name, and a temporary password – the employee will also be directed to a link that will enable them to download Ctuit Schedules from their device’s App Store. Note that when inviting an employee by text, you must verify that they have agreed to receive a text message. 
  • Invite All Employees - Selecting INVITE ALL EMPLOYEES will allow you to send an invitation to Ctuit Schedules to all users who have an email address. 
  • Deactivate - The DEACTIVATE button is only present for users that are already active – selecting it will allow you to deactivate the relevant Ctuit Schedules account. Doing so will end all open Schedules sessions for this user. 
  • Green Arrow - The green arrow icon will open a Ctuit Schedules Sessions window towards the top the page. This window details the Device and Login Date of any active Schedules sessions. These typically occur when an employee has chosen the ‘stay logged in’ option. A session can be ended by selecting the red x icon.