The View Schedules page is the base page of the Labor Scheduling module.  This page displays generated (“posted”) schedules for Advanced Labor Scheduling module users.  For basic module users, this page displays schedules that have been imported from the POS. 

Viewing a Schedule 

  • Location:  Select the location for which to view a schedule. 
  • Week:  Select the week for which to view a schedule. The current week will be selected by default. 
  • Schedule:  If you are using the basic module and your schedules are being polled directly from your POS, you will only have one schedule to select, “Imported Schedule”. If you are utilizing the Advanced Labor Scheduling module and have created more than one schedule, such as one for BOH and FOH, select the desired schedule. Also, you have the option to select “All Posted Schedules” to combine multiple schedules into one master schedule.  For more information on building a schedule, please see the Builder page. 
  • Job:  Use this filter to only show the schedule for a specific job type. 
  • Work Center:  Filter the displayed schedule by work center. 
  • SHOW:  Select SHOW to view the schedule that matches your search criteria. 

The Weekly Schedule  

The weekly schedule displays all the shifts scheduled for each day of the week. The employee name, job type, and scheduled time displays for each shift. 

  • Color Coding: The colors on the table correspond to job types and can be changed on the Jobs page of the Company Configuration module. 
  • Colored Symbols: Further symbols may be present if you utilize the Ctuit Schedules mobile app. These denote shifts that are up for offer or trade. Clicking on them will navigate you to the Approvals page, where you are able to approve or disapprove changes. 
    • The green symbol labels shifts that are pending pickup. 
    • The orange symbol labels shifts that are pending employee approval.