Icons on the Poll Status table make it easy for you to quickly recognize information about the polling status of a location. To view a key for the icons that may appear on this page, click 'SHOW KEY'. To hide the Poll Status Key, click 'HIDE KEY'.

Poll Status Key

  • Not Polled - Indicates that the poll has not yet taken place for that location on the specified DOB. 
  • Pending - Indicates that files have been received from your device(s), but the results have not been posted on the page yet. 
  • Import is in Progress - The import is currently taking place. 
  • Imported Successfully - The import was successful for one or more data types.
  • Normally Closed - This icon indicates that a location is normally closed on a particular day of the week. For example, if your restaurant is closed every Sunday then you would see this icon for each Sunday. This can be configured on the Locations page in Company Configurations.

Warnings and Errors

  • Polled but not Posted -  This icon indicates that there is an issue with GL Code mapping that is preventing GL Sales from being posted correctly. This would occur, for example, if a new comp is added at the point of sale and needs to be mapped by GL Sales Rules to a GL code. 
    • Note: This is only applicable for companies with the GL Sales module turned on.

  • DOB Manually Posted - This icon indicates that data was imported from a location, the day was manually posted from the GL Sales Journal, and an attempt was made to re-import the data. 
    • Note: This is only applicable for companies with the GL Sales module turned on.

  • Configuration Needed - This icon indicates that polling configuration needs to be addressed
  • No Data/Missing Data - The import was unsuccessful because either the data files were not found or the data files that were found contained no sales or timekeeping (labor) data for the selected day. 
  • Import Error - Import was unsuccessful due to an error during the import. No data was received.
  • Invalid Data Received - Import was unsuccessful due to invalid data being received. Data within the imported files could have the wrong format, name, or other errors. 

Other Information

  • Polled Multiple Times - Indicates that multiple polls occurred during a single DOB. 
  • Schedule Repoll - This icon gives a user the ability to schedule a repoll directly from the Poll Status module in RADAR. This is useful if you would like to perform a repoll but do not have access to the POS. The repoll will automatically be scheduled to take place the next time your POS checks in with RADAR, which could be up to 60 minutes. Only users with the proper permissions have access to this functionality, and this functionality is only compatible with Cloud POS and Ctuit Polling v2.0.
  • Payroll Locked - Polling has been locked through the Payroll Validation module. This lock ensures that labor data is not repolled after payroll has been certified for export. 

Transfer Method

  • Client Cloud POS - Indicates that the POS being polled is cloud-based. 
  • Client v2.0 Polling - Indicates that v2.0 of the polling application is being used to send data. 
  • Client v1.0 Polling - Indicates that v1.0 of the polling application is being used to send data. 
  • Client Sends File - This icon indicates that the polling application is not being used to export data; rather, the data is manually being gathered, packaged, and sent. 
  • Schedule Push - Posted Schedules are being pushed from Radar to the POS
  • Mirrored Location - Location is Mirrored from another Radar Database