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Dislike of new ticket system

This is overly complicated, and a hassle of way too many extra steps

Thank you for your feedback, Don. It's a tough call on our part because we're the only ones who see all the extra work behind the scenes that is created by allowing email case submission, and we know ticket submission is more up-front work for our customers. But the data consistently bears out that requiring ticket submission leads to shorter average first response and resolution times from us, which we think is a better overall value for customers than shorter case creation times. All I can ask is that you give us a chance to prove that value over a longer span of time. Either way, we very much appreciate you accommodating us as we take the opportunity to try.

I understand, but one of the things that I have enjoyed about RADAR for almost 10 years, is being able to reach out to an actual person. I will willingly sacrifice the speed for the personal interaction. I am also noticing no difference in resolution times, as 95% of the time, my requests are very simple, but when I do need true assistance quickly, I can’t get it with how this is setup.

I also am VERY annoyed by the fact that you can no longer get a person on the phone without going through so many hoops to make it frustrating.


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