Your chart of accounts, if it has been uploaded to RADAR, will be displayed on the GL Codes page. Note: It is only necessary for your GL Codes to be uploaded to RADAR if your company is using any GL associated module (GL Sales, Accounts Payable, Inventory, and Recipes) or GL-based budgets. 

In RADAR, GL Code refers to the base part of the GL Code. For example, perhaps you have a GL Code 7130 Office Supplies. Perhaps you have three locations, so in your usage, you have 7130-01 (for location one), 7130-02 (for location two), and 7130-03 (for location three). In RADAR, this is just one GL Code – 7130. The location number will be added based on the location from which the activity derives. When you add a GL Code or use the upload feature, you should only add this base GL Code value.

Searching for a GL Code

  • GL Code Starts with - Enter the first digit of a GL Code to search for all GL Codes that start with the entered value
  • GL Code or Name Contains - Enter all or part of a GL Code or name into this field. Note that this field is intended to be used in conjunction with the ‘GL Code Starts With’ field
  • Disabled? - Select whether to show or hide disabled GL Codes from your search results
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view the results that match your search criteria

Creating a New GL Code 

To manually enter you GL Codes for use within RADAR, select NEW GL CODE. Upon selection, the “New GL Code” window will appear. 

  • GL Code - Enter the GL Code into this field
  • Name - Enter the name of the GL Code into this field
  • Ops Statement Alias - If you would like the GL Code to be displayed differently on the Ops statement, enter the desired alias into this field
  • Force Location - The 'Force Location' field allows you to override a GL Code’s source location. For example, sales tax is sometimes dropped into just one bucket rather than being broken out by location (so 2200-00, rather than 2200-01 / 2200-02 / 2200-03). By entering "00" into the 'Force Location' field, the source location for sales tax activity will be overridden and forced into the “00” bucket
  • Force Extension - If your chart of accounts supports an extension, you can force an extension by entering the desired value into this text field
  • Cash Deposit? - This option designates this account as the depository account. This is a system designation that is necessary for GL Sales posting to work. Note: Only one GL Code should have this option selected even if you have multiple accounts for this purpose
  • Over Short? - Selecting this option will designate your account to use this GL Code when force balancing during GL Sales posting. Note: Only one GL Code should have this option selected
  • Not a GL Code? - This option is used for GL Codes that only exist in RADAR (rather than your accounting package). Typical usage for this setting would be the faux guest GL Codes necessary for guest posting and budgeting. This setting gives RADAR a flag to prevent the exporting of GL Codes into your accounting package that your accounting package will not recognize
  • COGS? - Select whether or not the new GL Code is a COGS GL Code (Cost)
  • Sort Order? - The number entered in this field will represent the order in which the GL Code is sorted
  • Sale Type - Select a sales type designation for the GL Code. This is used for the budgeting process, as it designates the GL Code as a sale type for reporting purposes. Note: These values must be set prior to importing the budget file since they are used during the import process. If you make changes to this setting, a re-submission of your budget file will be required before your changes will be reflected
  • Cash and Carry? - This option determines whether or not a GL Code will be an available option when setting up a cash-and-carry vendor in the AP module. This setting in AP allows RADAR to filter out vendors that you do not want to be submitted in AP batches (even though you do want to book the amounts) since they have already been paid (cash and carry)
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to create the new GL Code or CANCEL to close the “New GL Code” window without saving

Upload GL Codes 

To upload your GL Codes, select UPLOAD GL CODES. After selection, you will be navigated to a new window where you will be able to upload a CSV file. 

  • Download GL Code Template - First, you must download the GL Code Template. The GL Code Template contains sample information to help you create and correctly format your GL Codes
  • Upload GL Codes - Once you have finished creating your GL Codes list in Microsoft Excel, save it as a CSV file. To upload the CSV file to RADAR, select whether or not you would like to auto assign the sort order. Next, select BROWSE or CHOOSE FILE (depending on your browser) to locate your file. Finally, select UPLOAD to upload your GL Codes to RADAR

Automatic Sort Order 

Selecting AUTO SET SORT ORDER will overwrite the current sort orders and re-sort the GL Codes numerically. The first GL Code will be assigned a sort order of 10. Each subsequent GL Code will be a multiple of 10.

The GL Codes Table 

The GL Codes table displays the following information for each GL Code: GL Code, Name, Ops, Daily Ops, Force Location, Force Extension, Cash Deposit designation, Over Short designation, Not A GL Code?, Sort Order, Sale Type, Cash and Carry designation, DS Rules, Inventory Items, and Recipe Ingredients. 

  • Edit - Select the pencil icon to edit a GL Code’s information. For more information on the fields available for edit, see the Creating a New GL Code section above. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit your changes
  • Deactivate - Select the red x icon to deactivate a GL Code. Upon selection, a confirmation will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deactivation

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: My budgeted information imported incorrectly because I did not have all my sales/comps/labor $ GL Codes designated as such on this page. I corrected the GL Codes, but the Dashboard and Key Info are still wrong. What should I do?

A: The ‘Sale Type’ setting is only used during a budget import. To correct the figures, you will need to re-submit the budgets.