The process of adding a new Location involves submitting a New Location Add-On Form, initiating polling for the POS at the new Location, and post-install audits.  

After the New Location Add-On Form is submitted your Account Executive will reach out to you to update your licensing. 

New Location Process

Many steps of the new Location process must be completed by a Superadmin. Ensure that a Superadmin for your organization is involved throughout the process. 

Prior to POS Install

A Superadmin submits a New Location Add-On Form
New POS Menu Item and Sale Department Review
Enable Vendor Integrations for the new Location

POS Install

A Superadmin submits a ticket to R365 Support for POS install instructions

A Superadmin follows the POS install instructions provided by R365 Support to install the POS

POS Audit

After installing the POS, it is highly recommended to perform Data Integrity Audits

Data Integrity - Sales Audit
Data Integrity - Labor Audit
Data Integrity - Employee Resolve Audit

Post-Audit Configurations

After the POS for the new Location is installed and audited, the following configurations within Radar should be checked for needed adjustments. 

Master Sales Departments
GL Sales Mapping (If GL Sales is enabled)
EDI Vendor Integrations (If VMS is enabled)
Storage Locations (If Inventory is enabled)
Build and Link Recipes (If Recipes are enabled)

Enter Export ID on the Locations page (If used for GL Export, AP Export, Payroll Export, or other Custom Exports)

Run and review GL Export for the new location (If present on the database)

Run and review AP Export for the new location (If present on the database)

Run and review Payroll Export for the new location (If present on the database)
Review other Custom Reports and Exports (If Custom Work is present on the database)

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Radar is name-based and does not use the PLU from the Menu Items in the POS. Instead, Radar uses the combination of names for the specific Sale Department and Menu Item to define individual Menu Items within Radar.


Important Note: Any differences in spelling in either the Sale Department or Menu Item will result in the import of new Menu Items. 

  • Best Practice: Ensure that the name of each Sale Department and Menu Item is exactly the same in the new POS. This will maintain consistency in GL Sales, Recipe Linkings, and COGS.

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