The GL Sales module automates the process of assigning POS Sales Data to GL accounts. This process is automatic, and is based on the GL Sales Rules setup for the database. 

GL Sales Rules define how Sales Data from the POS is associated with GL Codes. When Sales Data is imported through the nightly poll, Radar will apply the current GL Sales Rules to the Sales Data, then post the appropriate amounts per GL Code to the General Ledger. The posted General Ledger information is then used for GL-level reporting, such as the Ops Statement and GL Sales Export

The GL Sales Rules typically only require attention when unmapped items are picked up from the POS. However, it is recommended to periodically review the GL Sales Rules to ensure that they are configured as desired. 

These are some of the times that a review of the GL Sales Rules is recommended:

GL Sales Review Checklist

Follow this checklist to review the GL Sales Rules and exported GL Sales Data: 

Perform a Data Integrity Audit of the Sales Data to confirm that the information picked up from the POS is accurate

Check for broken GL Rules. If unmapped items are present, repair the mapping before completing the rest of the review. 

Autopost the last 7 days to ensure that the current mappings have been applied to all days in the last week.
Run the General Ledger Report and review the posted GL Sales Data
Run the GL Sales Rules Audit Export and review the current mapping

Run the GL Sales Export configured for the database and review the exported GL Sales Data
Remap the GL Sales Rules if needed

Check for Broken GL Sales Rules

Navigate to the Manage GL Rules page and check for GL Sales Rules validation problems. There should be no problems present.


If problems are present, repair the broken GL Sales Rules. Please refer to the 'GL Sales: Troubleshooting GL Rules' and 'GL Sales: Create and Edit a GL Sales Rule' articles to learn more about repairing broken GL Sales Rules.  

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Review the General Ledger  

Run the General Ledger Report for the last week and review the postings. This report will show each amount that has been posted to each GL, by day. In reviewing the General Ledger, confirm that each amount and GL are accurate.

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Review the GL Rules Audit Export

The GL Rules Audit Export will list each mapping in a simple CSV table. This export can help identify any incorrect mappings.

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Review the GL Sales Export

The GL Sales Export is found in the Exports module. This export is created for the database during implementation, and is considered Custom Work. The name of the Export will start with the name of the accounting system the export is designed for, followed by 'GL Sales Export'

Run the export for a single day. Either open the export in excel, or import it to the accounting system. Review the details and confirm that the export is as expected. 


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