Cash Over/Short is calculated within Radar based on data polled from the POS and entered into Manual Data. Radar calculates Cash Over/Short as Actual Deposit minus Theo. Deposit.

Actual Deposit

  • Actual Deposit- pulled from the POS 
    • The nightly deposit entered into the POS at the end of the night or on a following day during cash reconciliation
    • Note: Some POS systems do not provide Actual Deposit data
    • Note: During the Nightly Poll, Radar polls in the last 7 days of Actual Deposits

  • Actual Deposit- entered into Manual Data
    • Deposit entered at any time into the Deposit Entry page of the Manual Data Module
    • Manual Data deposits are frequently used if the POS does not provide Actual Deposit data or if entering Manual Data into Radar is more operationally efficient

Theo. (Theoretical) Deposit

The Theo. Deposit is calculated with Radar based on polled POS data and company configurations.

To view the Theo. Deposit calculation applied to real data:

  1.  Run the 'POS Sales Report'
  2.  In Step 3 - Click the 'Show Cash O/S' filter
  3.  Review Cash O/S calculation in the Miscellaneous section

Theo. Deposit Configuration 

The Theo. Deposit configuration is managed with the Company Preferences page of the Company Configuration Module under the heading 'Calculated Cash OS Calculation'.

  • Location - Typically the Cash OS calculation is applied to 'All Company'. However, the calculation can be set differently per Location if needed.

  • Calculation Settings- Each metric that impacts the Cash O/S calculation can be set to:
    • No - Does not impact Cash O/S calculation
    • Add - Added to Cash Tenders
    • Subtract - Removed from Cash Tenders

    • Include CC Tips  
      • Note: If Tips are paid out on paychecks, this should be set to 'No'
      • Note: If the GL Sales Module is active and 'CC Tips' is set to 'No', GL Sales Rules for Tips will need to be turned on and mapped

    • Include Autogratuity   
    • Include Tip Reduction 
    • Include Refunds 
    • Include Paid Outs 
      • Note: Paid Outs marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that they have been configured from the POS to 'not impact cash'. These Paid Outs will not be included in the Cash O/S calculation regardless of the setting within Radar.

    • Include Service Charges 
    • Include Deposit Discrepancies  
    • Include Tip Share

How to Change Cash O/S Calculation

The Company Preferences page is only editable by a member of the Support Team. To adjust the Cash O/S calculation, please submit a case to Support with the following information:

  • Locations to apply (All Company or Location Specific)
  • Setting name to adjust
  • Setting to apply (No, Add, Subtract)

Important Note: Only a Superadmin can submit a case to Support.