The Corporate Inventory page allows Users to view and enter corporate Inventory Item counts. 

When the 'Changing Corporate Inventory Counts Requires Special Privilege' setting is enabled on the Inventory Settings page, only Users with the User Permission 'Change Corporate Inventory Item Counts' will be able to enter count information for Inventory Items that have been tagged as 'Corporate Inventory Only'. 

Corporate Inventory Header

1) Edit - Click to edit the displayed inventory amounts

2) Post All - Click to post all corporate inventory amounts

3) Upload/Download - Click to open the Upload/Download window, where the Corporate Inventory Upload Template can be downloaded, and Inventory Counts can be uploaded via the Upload Template. 

  • Note: The Corporate Inventory Upload Template must be saved as a .csv file.

4) Inventory Cycle - Weekly, Daily, or Period Inventory Cycles that should be loaded

5) Inventory Date - Date that corporate inventory was taken

6) Load - Click to load the selected Inventory Cycle for the selected Inventory Date

Corporate Inventory Grid

The Corporate Inventory Grid has the following columns:

Location ID - Radar Location ID for the Location associated with the Inventory Session

Location Name - Location associated with the Inventory Session

Storage Location - Storage Location of the Inventory Item 

Inventory Item Name - Name of the Inventory Item

Code - Inventory Item ID number

Inventory Session - Unique Inventory Session ID number 

Posted - Indicates if the Inventory Session was posted

Price - Price of the Inventory Item

Quantity - Amount inventoried

Unit - Taking Unit used