The 'Events' section lists Manager Log Events within the Manager Log module. Here, Users can view, edit, and create Manager Log Events. Most federal holidays are automatically listed by default. 

Employee Reminders can be configured to populate Employee-related Events, such as birthdays and certification expirations, based on Custom Fields within the Employee Data Module.  


Manager Log Events will appear in the Labor Scheduling module in the Schedule Builder's daily informational window.


If the Event Management module is enabled, any confirmed Events will automatically populate as Manager Log Events.

Events List

1) Add Event - Click to add a new Event

2) Event - User-entered name for the Event

3) Description - Event details

4) Multiple Locations? - Indicates if this Event is for only the Location displayed or if it has been created at 'All Locations'. 

5) Saved By - Last User to save changes to the Event

6) File - Contains an attached file or the option to upload a file

  • Filename - Click the underlined filename to download the file
  • Edit - Click the edit icon to change the filename
  • Delete - Click the delete icon to remove the file
  • Upload - Click the upload icon to upload a file

  • Note: Events can only have one file attached. To attach a different file, the current file must first be deleted.

7) Edit - Click the pencil icon to edit the Event's details. (See the 'Create a New Event' section below for more information)


8) Delete - Click the red 'X' icon  to delete the Event

Create a New Event

Click the 'Add Event' button to open the 'New Event' form, where details for a new Event can be entered.

1) Recurring - Click to configure the Event to reoccur on a set schedule (See the Range of Recurrence section below to learn more)

2) Event Name - User-entered name of the Event

3) Start Date - Date that the Event is displayed on the Manager Log

4) Type - Event Type associated with the Event. 

  • Note: If 'Default Text' has been configured for the Event Type, it will populate to the 'Description' field (#6)

5) All My Locations? - If checked, this indicates that the Event will be created for all Locations that the User creating the Event has access to. By default, Events are created for only the currently-displayed Location.

6) Description - Displayed text for the Event

7) Save/Cancel - Click 'Save' to add the Event or 'Cancel' to close the 'New Event' form without saving.


Range of Recurrence


When creating or editing an Event, clicking the button will open the 'Range of Recurrence' settings.


Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

Description automatically generated


1) Frequency - How often a new occurrence of the Event will be created

  • Daily - Every day

  • Weekly - Once a week, on the same day of the week as the original 'Start Date'

  • Monthly - Once a month, on the same-numbered day of the month as the original 'Start Date' (ie: 3rd, 6th, 25th)
  • Yearly - One a year, on the same calendar date as the original


2) End Date - When new occurrences of the Event will stop being created

  • No End Date - New occurrences will be created until the settings are changed

  • End After - A fixed number of new occurrences will be created. The number of occurrences is entered into the 'occurrences' field

  • End By - New occurrences will not be created after a set date. This date is entered into the date field inline with the 'End By' radio button
  • Add/Cancel- Click 'Add' to save and close the 'Recurrence' settings. Click 'Cancel' to close the 'Recurrence' settings without applying them. 
    • Note: The 'Recurrence' settings window must be closed before the Event can be saved.