A Revenue Center Split is an add-on feature where POS data is polled from one Location, then split into two or more Locations. The data is split from the Parent Location based on POS Revenue Centers and Job Names. The new Split Location will have all the same functionality as a standard Location. Additional modules for the new Split Location are billed at the standard rate. 

  • Note: Before a Revenue Center Split can be configured, a new Location will need to requested. 

In order to populate labor data for a Split Location, the Split Location will require dedicated Job Names. These Job Names cannot be used at the Parent Location and will need to be dedicated solely to the Split Location. 

There is a one-time charge of one hour of Development time. Once the Revenue Center Split has occurred, R365 will provide a historical re-import back to the first day of the current month at no charge. Additional historical dates can be imported by requesting a historical back-poll.

  • Note: Data entry made into Radar, such as AP or Manager Log module entries, cannot be moved from the Parent Location to the Split Location.

If at a later date the Revenue Center Split is no longer needed, Revenue Center Splits can be reverted. Reverting a Revenue Center Split will combine the Split Location data back with its Parent Location. 

  • Important Note: Only polled data can be recombined. Data entry made into Radar, such as AP or Manager Log module entries, cannot be recombined with the Parent Location. 

R365 also offers a “Job-only” Revenue Center Split. This type of Split is used to separate Labor into a second Location for reporting and exporting purposes. Unlike the full Revenue Center Split, the "Job-only" Split will not impact Revenue Centers when executed on its own.

Revenue Center Split Process

Once a Revenue Center Split has been contracted, the R365 Support Team will reach out to initiate the following process: 

1) Initial information

The following information must be provided to R365 Support by the customer when setting up a Revenue Center Split: 

Effective Split Date - First date the data will be split from the Parent Location to the Split Location

Location Information

  • Parent Location - Location Name and Location Number for the Location that the Revenue Center(s) will be split from

  • Split Location- Location Name and Location Number for the Location where the Split Revenue Center data will be split to
    • Note: If a new Location is needed, please submit a new Location request first and note that the new Location is to be a 'Revenue Center Split Location'.

Job Information - List of all Jobs associated with the Split Revenue Center(s)

  • Job Names must be exactly as they appear on the Jobs page.

  • Split Jobs cannot be used at both Locations. All Labor data associated with the Split Jobs will be associated with only the Split Location.

  • All Jobs being split must be present on the Jobs page before the split

  • Important Note: Adding or removing Jobs in the future will require a new Revenue Center Split to be configured and is a billable request.

Pre-Split Report - POS Sales Report for a single day of business from the Parent Location, highlighting the Revenue Centers to split

  • This report will be used by the R365 Development Team for auditing purposes.

2) The R365 Support Team will review submitted information and resolve any questions

3) The R365 Development Team will configure the Revenue Center Split

Post Split

Once the Revenue Center Split has been completed, the Parent and Split Locations will be audited by the R365 Support Team to ensure that the Split is working as expected. After R365 Support has audited the Split, they will inform the customer that the Split is active and will be billed. 

R365 recommends that the customer perform their own data integrity audits of both the Parent and Split Locations. Any discrepancies found should be submitted to R365 Support.