Radar is only able to poll from one POS for each Location. The process of changing the POS system being polled involves prepping Radar for the changeover, locking polling of the old POS, initiating polling for the new POS, and post-change audits.  

Throughout this process, our POS Support Specialists will provide guidance and best practices to ensure a smooth transition.


Each step of the POS change process will require communication between a Superadmin and a Support Specialist. Some steps may require adjustments to the existing and/or new POS.

Expected Changeover Duration: 2 – 3 weeks (approximate)

  1. POS Change Acknowledgement: Start of Process

  2. Pre-Change Review: 1 – 2 weeks (approximate)
    • Employee Resolve Check
    • Menu Item & Sale Department Review
    • Development Team Review & Approval

  3. Changeover: 2 - 5  days (approximate)
    • Labor polling for old POS locked
    • New POS installs

  4. Post-Change:1 - 2 weeks (approximate)
    • Data Integrity – Sales Audit
    • Data Integrity – Labor Audit
    • Data Integrity – Employee Resolve Audit
    • Database Maintenance Update
    • GL Mapping update (if applicable)
    • Menu Items & Recipes linking update (if applicable)
    • Custom Exports/Reports/Configuration update (if applicable)

POS Change Acknowledgement

The first step to begin a POS Change is to review the POS Change Acknowledgement and submit the POS Change Request to the Support Team.

  1. Review the POS Change Acknowledgement
    POS Change Acknowledgement

  2. Submit a POS Change Request Webform

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Radar is considered a source of record. Maintaining consistency in these records is a key goal during the POS change process.

Employee Resolve Review

Employee Resolve is the term used for the rules Radar uses to turn raw labor data provided by the POS into Employee Data records in Radar. Typically, when Radar receives data from the POS it is just a list of names and punches. Radar then groups the punches by Employee through matching key data points in the punch record.

When changing from one POS to another, it is necessary to ensure that the data received from the old POS will be in alignment with the new POS. This will reduce duplicated or potentially combined Employees from occurring within Radar.

Please review the following documents and be prepared to discuss the Employee Resolve configured for your database.


Menu Item & Sale Department Review

Radar is name-based and does not use the PLU from the Menu Items in the POS.  Instead, Radar uses the combination of names for the specific Sale Department and Menu Item to define individual Menu Items within Radar.

IMPORTANT: Any differences in spelling in either the Sale Department or Menu Item will result in the import of new Menu Items. 

  • Best Practice: Ensure that the name of each Sale Department and Menu Item is exactly the same in the new POS. This will maintain consistency in GL Sales, Recipe Linkings, and COGS.



  • Current POS Sale Department – NA Beverage 
  • Current POS Menu Item – Coca Cola
  • New POS Sale Department – N/A Beverage
  • New POS Menu Item – Coca Cola

Because the Sale Department changed from NA Beverage to N/A Beverage, this will result in a new menu item for Coca-Cola.

Development Team Review & Approval

As a secondary check, our Development Team will review the database and POS systems involved and identify any data consistency conflicts. 

Important Note: Any data consistency conflicts identified by our Development Team will need to be addressed before the polling changeover can occur.

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Labor polling for old POS locked

Locking labor polling for the old POS will ensure that the existing labor data is not lost when polling for the new POS begins. Before polling for the new POS is established, the last date of use for the existing POS needs to be communicated to Support so that the labor can be locked.

New POS installs

The POS installation instructions vary by POS. The Support Specialist will provide specific instructions for the POS being installed.

Please review the Installation and Remote Access Guide.

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Data Integrity – Sales Audit

After a new POS is installed, a standard Data Integrity Audit for Sales should be performed. Any data discrepancies will need to be reported as a ticket to the Support Team.

Data Integrity – Labor Audit

After a new POS is installed, a standard Data Integrity Audit for Labor should be performed. Any data discrepancies will need to be reported as a ticket to the Support Team.

Data Integrity – Employee Resolve Audit

After a new POS is installed, a standard Data Integrity Audit for Employee Resolve should be performed. Any data discrepancies will need to be reported as a ticket to the Support Team.

Database Maintenance Update

After a new POS is installed, new Sale Departments, Jobs, and/or Tenders may be picked up. Alerts will display in the upper right corner indicating that MSDs, Job ExportIDs, or Tender Types require attention.

For additional information regarding the database maintenance configurations, please see the following articles:

GL Mapping Update

If the Database has the GL Sales Module enabled, additional mappings may be required after the POS change. This is not uncommon, as new Comps, Promos, Non-Sales Revenue, Tenders, etc. are picked up in the new sales data.


  • Important: Be prepared to answer questions regarding GL accounts for any new Sale Categories picked up. The Support Specialist will assist you in repairing any broken mappings.

  • Note: As new mappable categories are picked up, an email will be generated and sent to the contact on file for the database.

  • Ongoing mapping assistance is available. For general mapping assistance, have a Superadmin submit a standard Support Ticket with the Sale Category to be mapped and the associated GL Code.


 Menu Items & Recipes relinked (if needed)

If the Recipes Module is active for the database, new Menu Items that are added from the new POS will need to be linked to Recipes. Relinking existing Recipes to these new Menu Items is a two-step process:

  1. Concatenation / Split Mod review– Depending on how the new POS handles modifiers, concatenation or split mods may need to be configured. Click hereto review Radar concatenation and be prepared to discuss concatenation with the Support Specialist.
    • Recommended Pmix Report for reviewing concatenation needs – Consolidated Pmix with Modifiers

  2. Link Recipes to new Menu Items

Custom Exports/Reports/Configuration update

Many times, our Support, Development, and/or Special Projects Teams have created or configured something unique for the database. After a POS change, it is recommended that a Superadmin does a review of the database and ensures any custom work is still configured and functioning as expected.

Examples of Custom Items:

  • Payroll Export
  • Special Pay Configuration
  • Mirrored Locations
  • Revenue Center Splits
  • Custom Report or Export

Please submit a case to Support for any custom item that needs to be adjusted.

  • Important: Most adjustments to custom configurations, reports, and/or exports are billable.

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