Reactivating a deactivated User is a simple process of locating the User's deactivated account, clicking Activate User, and updating the User Details. Once reactivated, the User will be available for assignment in Privilege Groups, Email Alerts, Intraday Alerts, Approval Notifications, and Report & Export Batches

  • Important Note: Users accessing Radar from the Advantage Portal need to be reactivated in Advantage first



Users with either of the following User Privileges have the ability to reactivate a User: 

Opening the User Manager


Reactivating Users is performed on the User Manager page within Company Configuration.


The User Manager is found in the User Management drop-down in the Company Configuration Module.

Reactivating a Deactivated User

Follow the steps below to reactivate a deactivated User:

  1. Select the deactivated User from the 'Deactivated User' list
  2. Click 'Activate User'
    • Note: The User is now active and the Active User Menu will open

  3. Update User Details including Primary Location Group
  4. Click 'Save'

  5. Look at the Privilege Group Membership section below User Details and confirm User is reassigned to the appropriate Privilege Group. Adding and removing Users from Privilege Groups is done on the Privilege Groups page.