Users within Radar cannot be deleted. Once added to the database Users can only be deactivated. 


Deactivating a User will deactivate the username and password, as well as remove the User from any Privilege Groups, Email Alerts, Intraday Alerts, Approval Notifications, and Report & Export Batches.



Users with one of the following User Privileges have the ability to deactivate a User: 

Opening the User Manager

Managing Active and Deactivated Users is preformed on User Manager page within Company Configuration.

The User Manager is found in the User Management drop down in the Company Configuration Module. 


Deactivating a User

  1. Select the Active User to be deactivated
  2. Click 'Show'
  3. Click 'Deactivate User'

  4. Confirm deactivation of the User

Deactivating a Advantage Portal User


Users who access Radar through the Advantage Portal will need to be deactivated in Advantage first. Radar imports all changes to Users from Advantage overnight, and should automatically deactivate in Radar. 


It is best practice to manually confirm that users deactivated in Advantage are deactivated in Radar as well. 

  1. Deactivate User in Advantage
  2. Wait overnight for Radar/Advantage Sync
  3. Confirm Deactivated User is in Radar Deactivated Users list

If the user is not in the Deactivated User list, use the steps above for Deactivating a User to manually deactivate the User.