The GL Sales Status page allows you to see whether or not your GL Sales data has been posted for a location/date. This page also allows you to see if the data was posted automatically or manually. 

Basic Usage 

  • Location Group - Select a location or location group for which to view GL Sales status information.
  • Start/End Date - Enter a start date and end date by either typing the desired dates into the fields or by selecting the calendar icons and navigating to the desired days.
  • Status - Filter by Status. “All” will be selected by default.
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view the results that match your search criteria. 

The GL Sales Status Table

The GL Sales Status table displays the following GL Sales Status information for each location: Location name, DOB, Posted Time, Posted By, Status, Last Export Time, and Last Exported By, and Posting Notes. If you select a post icon in the far right column of the table, you will be navigated to the GL Sales Journal page for the corresponding location/date.