Custom EDM Fields are used to track HR data that is not provided by the POS. Custom EDM Fields must be created by our Support Team upon request from a Superadmin

Custom Field Uses

Custom Fields are often used as when Radar is the single source of record for HR-related data. 

The Manager Log Module also uses EDM Custom Fields to provide Employee Reminders in the Event Section. This tool can assist busy managers in keeping track of important dates such as certification expirations, birthdays, and hire dates. 

Requesting Custom Fields

To request that a Custom Field be added to your database, have a Superadmin submit a case to our Support Team with the following information:

  • Field Name
  • Field Type
  • Tool Tip (If applicable)
  • Drop-Down Options (if type is Drop-Down)

Custom Field Types

  • Text - Alphanumeric text data

  • Number - Numbers only data

  • Date - MM/DD/YYYY Date
  • Checkbox - Yes/No

  • Drop-Down - Custom Drop-Down List

Tool Tips

Each Custom Field can have a 'Tool Tip' defined to provide clarification on the Employee Details page.  

Entering Employee Custom Field Data

Custom Field data for each Employee can be entered on the Employee Details page for each Employee, or uploaded in bulk through the EDM Upload page