The Employee Data Module (also known as the EDM) is where critical HR data related to employees imported from the POS or Flat Labor File can be viewed.

Radar imports critical HR data associated with employees that have at least one minute of time clock activity from the POS.  Each POS is different, but Radar has the ability to import the following HR data points:

    First NameSSNMeal Break WaiverJob
    Last NamePayroll IDEmail AddressRate
    POS #LocationTermination Date


  • Note: Most Employee Data fields are view-only. Email Address, Meal Break Waiver, and Termination Date can be edited in Radar on the Employee Details page, but will default to POS-provided values if these data points are provided by the POS.

  • Note: First Name, Last Name, POS #, SSN, Payroll ID, and Location are possible data points for Employee Resolve

The module consists of the following pages:



Users with either of the following User Privileges have the ability to access the Employee Data Module:


The Employee Data Module can be accessed through the waffle menu

Employee Data Manager

The Employee Data Manager page is the base page of the Employee Data Module. It is used to search for and view Employees by Location. This page can also be used to print Employee Information or navigate to the Employee Details page to edit information for a particular Employee.

Searching for an Employee 

  • Location - Select a Location for which to view Employees
  • Search Term - Enter an Employee's name (full or partial) to search for a specific Employee
  • Show - Filter for Employees based on time and sales activity

  • - Select to view all Employees that match the selected search criteria

Employee Table

The Employee Table displays the following information for each Employee: First Name, Last Name, POS Number, SSN, Payroll ID, Date Activated, Complete status, Meal Break Waiver status, Terminated status, and Part-time status. 

  • Note: The dates displayed in the “Date Activated” column represent the date of business Radar first picked up an Employee during a poll. This date does not necessarily correspond to an Employee’s Hire Date or the first date Radar picked up time records for an Employee. The “Complete” column displays whether or not all of the required custom fields have data. 

The Employee Table can be re-sorted by clicking on any of the column headers. Click once to sort in ascending order, click again to sort in descending order. 

The table can also be used to perform the following actions: 

EDM Reports

From the Employee Data Module, the following Reports can be accessed via the Reports drop-down.