The Minimum Wage page allows you to view, edit, and create minimum wage entries for use in Special Pay calculations. Most Special Pay rules interact with the 'expected' minimum wages for a given Location. 

Use this page to manage which minimum wages are to be considered valid for a particular Location. Each Location can have a Minimum Wage and a Tipped/Secondary Minimum Wage. Each entry has an activation date and a deactivation date so that you can see changes over time.

Searching for a Minimum Wage Entry

Complete the following fields to search for the desired entry:

  • Location Group - Select the Location or Location Group for which to view minimum wage information
  • Show - Select whether to view all entries, entries in effect today, or open-ended entries. 'All Entries' is selected by default
  • Show - Select this to view the results that match your search criteria

Creating a New Minimum Wage Entry

To create a new minimum wage entry, select 'New Wage Entry' at the top left, corner of the screen. Then, fill in the following fields:

  • Effective Date - Enter the start date new minimum wage by either typing the desired date into the field or by selecting the calendar icon and navigating to the desired day
  • Location - Select the Location to which the new minimum wage will be applied
  • Minimum Wage - Enter the desired minimum wage into this text field. A suggested minimum wage that conforms to the current state and federal minimum wages for the selected Location will be displayed
  • Tipped / Secondary Minimum Wage - Enter a desired tipped/secondary minimum wage. A suggested minimum wage that conforms to the current stat and federal minimum wages for the selected Location will be displayed

Finish the entry by selecting one of the following actions:

  • Save - Click this to save the new minimum wage entry
  • Cancel - Click this to close the 'New Minimum Wage Entry' window without saving
  • Save and Add Another - Click this option to save the new minimum wage entry and open another 'New Minimum Wage Entry' window

Minimum Wages Table

The Minimum Wage table displays the following information for each minimum wage: associated Alerts, Date Activated, Location, Minimum Wage, Tipped/Secondary Minimum Wage, and Minimum wage.

Important items to note:

  • Alert - If there are any alerts associated with a minimum wage, such as overlapping date range, a bell icon will appear in the 'Alerts' column. To view details about the alert, hover over the bell icon
  • Edit - Select the pencil icon to edit a minimum wage's information. For more information on the fields available for edit, see the Creating a New Minimum Wage Entry section above. Be sure to click 'Update' to commit your changes
    • Note: Making a change here will not take effect until the next import. As a general rule, we import 21 days rolling worth of time records each night, so any changes you make to this page will be retroactive across that time period once the import occurs
  • Delete - To delete a minimum wage entry, select the red 'x' icon. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deletion