This article reviews the GL Sales Export for R365 Accounting. Here, users can export posted GL Sales data formatted for import to R365

Article Topics

Report Parameters

Location GroupLocation group with GL Sales data to be exported. Only one location group can be selected.
Location Group SearchClick to search for a location group in the list
Start DateFirst date of GL Sales data included in the export
End DateLast date of GL Sales data included in the export
Date Quick PickClick to populate the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' with the selected option
Date Range SelectorClick to populate the 'Star Date' and 'End Date' with the selected date range
Re-Export if checkedCheck to re-export previously-exported dates for the selected location.

If left unchecked, exports for previously-exported dates for the selected location group will contain no data. Learn more about export tracking below.
FormatExport - Export is downloaded as a .csv file

Email Export - Export is emailed to a manually-entered email address
Run ExportClick to generate the export with the selected Step1, Step 2, and Step 3 settings. 
ERD Command StringClick to view the ERD Command String for the export
API InstructionsClick to view the API Instructions for the export
Click, then save the file belowClick the displayed file to download the generated export

Report Columns

The Restaurant365 GL Sales Export has the following columns:

Column TitleDescription
AJENumberJournal entry number within Radar
BTypeJournal entry type (will always be 'Standard')
CDateDate-of-business for the journal entry
DReversal DateDate the journal entry was reversed in Radar
EJECommentComment for the journal entry (will always be 'GL Sales Export') 
FJELocationLocation associated with the journal entry
GAccountGL Account
HDebitDebit amount
ICreditCredit amount
JDetailLocationLocation associated with GL Sales data
KDetailCommentName of the GL Account

Export Tracking

When the Restaurant365 GL Sales Export is successfully generated for a selected location group and date-of-business, the following is tracked: 

  • Export date and time
  • User who generated the export 

This information can be viewed on the 'GL Status' page within the GL Sales Module.

To prevent GL Sales data from being accidentally exported multiple times for any location and date-of-business combination, the GL Sales Export will return a 'No Data' alert if it has been previously exported. 

To export a previously-exported location and date-of-business combination, check the 'Re-Export if checked' option in the Step 3 settings.