The Inventory Item Price List page allows Users to view Inventory Item prices for a selected date and Location. This can be used to do a basic audit of Inventory Item costs for a Location on a particular date.

Inventory Price List Header

1) Location - Location associated with the Inventory Items being displayed

2) Date -  Date associated with the prices for the Inventory Items at the selected Location

3) Inventory Item - Search for a specific Inventory Item

4) Show Button - Click to refresh the display based on the selected filters

Inventory Price List

Inventory Items and their associated prices are displayed in the Inventory Price List, which contains the following columns:

Alert - A 'Bell' icon is displayed if an alert is associated with the Inventory Item

Inventory Item - Name of the Inventory Item. Click to open the associated Price Check page. 

Code - Inventory Item Code of the Inventory Item

Price per one - Price for one Base Unit of the Inventory Item

Base Unit - Base Unit of the Inventory Item

Price - Price of the Inventory Item's default Taking Unit

Price Taking Unit - Taking Unit associated with the displayed price.