The Assigned Barcodes page allows Users to view, create, and edit barcodes for Inventory Items. These barcodes are primarily used in conjunction with the On The Fly mobile app, where Users are able to take inventory by pairing their device with a barcode scanner.

Assigned Barcodes Table

1) Location Filter - Use this drop-down to filter barcodes by Location. When a specific Location is selected, any new barcodes will be put into effect for that Location only. 

  • Note: The ‘All Locations’ option is only available to Users with the ‘Can manage Assigned Barcodes for All Locations’ Permission. This allows Users to view, edit, and create global barcodes.

2) Show Filter - Choose to display 'Active', 'Deactivated', or 'All' barcodes

3) + New Barcode - Click to create a new barcode

4) Inventory Item - Inventory Item associated with the barcode and Location

  • Note: Each Inventory Item can only be paired with one barcode per Location

5) Barcode - Text of the barcode

6) Location - Location associated with the Inventory Item/barcode pair

7) Activated - Date Inventory Item/barcode pair was activated

8) Action Buttons 

  • Yellow Pencil - Click to edit the barcode
  • Red X - Click to deactivate the barcode