This article reviews uploading GL Codes on the GL Codes page within Company Configuration. Here, Users can upload new GL Codes via a template. 

Download GL Code Template

To download a blank GL Code Template as a .csv file, click the 'Click for GL Code Template' button.

The blank GL Code Template will have the first two lines filled out as an example. 

GL Code Template

The GL Code Template contains the following columns:

Column TitleDescription
GLCodeThe numerical GL Code associated with the GL Account.

This column is required

Numeric data only
NameThe name of the GL Account

This column is required

ForceLocationThis field is used for Custom Exports to roll up GL activity for multiple GL Codes or Locations

Numeric data only
ForceExtensionThis field is used for Custom Exports to force a specified extension or provide an additional GL Code for Inventory adjustments

Numeric data only
CashDepositIndicates that the account is the depository account. This is a system designation that is necessary for GL Sales posting to work.

Only one GL Code should have this option applied

0 or left blank = No
1 = Yes
OverShortIndicates that the GL Code is used for force balancing during GL Sales posting.

Only one GL Code should have this option applied

0 or left blank = No
1 = Yes
NotAGLCodeIndicates that the GL Code only exists in Radar and is not part of the COA used in accounting

0 or left blank = No
1 = Yes
SaleTypeThe GL Account type used for Budget reporting.Enter the code associated with the desired Sale Type:

101 = Sales
202 = Comps
203 = Promos
405 = Guests
406 = Checks
601 = Labor$

OpsAliasShort name used for the Ops Statement and Daily Ops Statement

Maximum of 15 characters

Example Template with column values applied:

Upload GL Code Template

After the GL Code Template is filled out, save it as a .csv file. Follow these steps to upload the completed GL Code Template:

  1. Choose whether or not to auto-assign the sort order of uploaded GL Codes

    • Yes - GL Codes will be sorted in numerical order and assigned a sort order

    • No - GL Codes will be assigned a sort order based on the order they appear in the uploaded template.

  2. Click 'Choose File', then select the file to be uploaded.

  3. Click Upload