Acknowledgement of the following Micros3700 Historical Data limitations.

There are certain limitations to a Micros3700 historical data back-poll that warrant additional explanation and understanding on your part prior to commencing the back-poll. 

Please understand that Micros3700 does not hold the historical information in the same data tables that we extract from for “Normal” daily polling. Only 15 days rolling are held in the ‘Normal’ tables. After that, Micros3700 automatically moves the data into an “Archive” table. This table’s structure is not the same as the original tables, as there is only one archive table, and it holds all the available data. The difference in the data storage results in less-granular information available to back-poll. Here are the key points you should be aware of:

It was explained to us by Micros Technical Resources that, generally, the archive data itself is only kept for about 6 months. This is a configurable setting, and it is typically set for 6 months on install by the Micros installer. The reason given is the Micros ‘server’ at the store level is generally not a true ‘server’ in terms of CPU/RAM- it’s a desktop-class machine. Database access degrades the larger the database gets, and the archived data is typically 2 to 3 megs of data per day. It is possible that your machine(s) have been configured for a timeframe greater (or less than) 6 months. We will attempt to recover back to any timeframe you request; success will depend on what this setting was set to on install.

The data you will have for the back-poll timeframe will, in general, be the same level of detail for the daily ongoing polling, with these exceptions:

Comps - We will have the proper total comp figure for the day. We will have the proper comp breakdown by comp type for the day. However, we do not get comps by item or comps by sale department. All the comp activity will be assigned to the (Unspecified) sale department. All the comp activity, again because we can’t tie it back to an item properly, will show up as an (Unspecified) adjustment under Daypart Sales, Order Mode Sales, and Revenue Center Sales. 

Taxes – We will have the proper total tax figure for the day. However, this is added as one single adjustment entry; we will not capture the actual tax type used, nor will we capture the information at the check level (so the Check Reprint report will not show taxes by check, and all the checks will appear out of balance for this reason). 

Paid in/outs – We will record no paid in/out activity for the back-poll timeframe. Unfortunately, this data is not available in the archive table.