A Historical Back-Poll is when data is polled for dates prior to the Radar installation date for the Location. Historical Back-Polls are a billable request, and are billed based on the number of days successfully polled. 

As long as the data is provided by the POS, Radar can historically poll back to any desired date. Please be aware that Historical Back-Polling is not available for all POS systems, and some POS systems only provide limited historical data.

  • Important Note: The Micros3700 POS has additional limitations. If this is your POS, please carefully review the Micros3700 Addendum before submitting a Historical Back-Poll request. 

To request a Historical Back-Poll, please have a Superadmin submit a Historical Data Recovery Acknowledgement Form. 

Historical Back-Poll Request Form

By submitting the Historical Data Recovery Acknowledgement Form, I acknowledge that I have the authority to request this change.

  • Note: Requests for multiple Locations can be summitted on the same form