Special Pay is an add-on feature that adds labor compliance penalties based on imported POS labor data and configured rules. These penalties are included in the following Labor Compliance Reports: 

  • Labor Efficiency Potential Report
  • Payroll Exceptions Report
  • Special Pay Trend Report
  • Special Pay Infraction Trend Chart
  • Special Pay Infractions Dashboard Widget

To enable Special Pay, please contact R365 Support and submit an Add-On form.

Once enabled, Special Pay Rule Sets must be configured. Only R365 Support can change or create Special Pay Rule Sets. 

  • Important Note: Restaurant 365, including any individual representatives thereof, is not a legal authority. As such, we are not able to provide guidance in the configuration of any Special Pay Rule configurations. Special Pay Rule configurations are set up at the customer's direction. Please check with the appropriate legal authority or labor specialist as to the correct interpretation of your state’s labor laws.

Once configured, Special Pay configurations can be viewed on the Special Pay Rule Config and Special Pay Location Assignments pages. Special Pay can be included on Custom Payroll Exports. Learn more about Custom Exports here

Review and submit the forms below to request R365 Support create or adjust Special Pay Rule Sets.  

Rule Set Groups

Special Pay Rules are grouped into Rule Sets. Each Location can be assigned to only one Rule Set. 

The Rule Set form is used to create new Rule Sets or adjust any of the following for an existing Rule Set:

  • Rule Name

  • Rule Set Options

  • Locations Assigned

  • Included Rules 
    • Note: Additional forms for each Rule will need to be submitted to add or adjust the selected Rules. See the Rule list below. 

Special Pay Rules

Each Special Pay Rule has Rule-specific configurations. 

Submit a request form for each Rule that needs to be created or adjusted. 

  • Note: Rules can be applied to multiple Rule Sets. This allows for different configurations of the Rule for different Locations. To ensure that the correct configuration is applied to each Rule Set, please submit one form for each Rule Set/Rule combination. 

Rule NameDescriptionRequest Form
ClopeningAssigns Clopening Rule Penalty based on the span between an employee's closing clock-out time and opening clock-in time.Clopening Configuration Form
Hawaii Tip CreditAssigns Special Pay as a tip credit in instances where wages plus tips for an employee do not satisfy the Hawaii minimum wage requirementsHawaii Tip Credit
Make-Up MoneyCalculates Make-Up Money in instances where wages plus tips for an employee do not satisfy minimum wage requirements.Make-Up Money Configuration Form
Meal BreakAssigns Special Pay for penalties based on hours worked without the required Meal Break.Meal Break Configuration Form
Minimum Workday CompensationAssigns Special Pay for employees that work less than the minimum amount of time for a given day.Minimum Workday Compensation Configuration Form
Regional Rest PeriodsIdentifies and may assign Special pay notices or penalties regarding the amount of consecutive time offRegional Rest Periods Configuration Form
Shift SpanAssigns Special Pay for New York employees that have worked a span of more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period.Shift Span Configuration Form
Split ShiftAssigns Special Pay for penalties based on multiple shifts within a day being split too far apart.Split Shift Configuration Form
Uniform UpkeepAssigns Special Pay for New York employees for uniform maintenance based on hours worked each week.Uniform Upkeep