Similar to the Vendor Purchase Item Conversion Alert, this alert is displayed when an Inventory Item does not have a conversion equation from the selected Taking Unit to the selected Base Unit. 

  • Filter By Inventory Item -  To search for a specific inventory item, enter the name of the inventory item into this auto-field. 
  • The Inventory Item Conversion Table-This table displays the following information:  Inventory Item, Code, Base Unit, Taking Unit, and Conversion Equation. 
    • FIX - Select FIX to resolve an alert.  Upon selection, you will be able to create a conversion equation and add any pertinent notes.  Be sure to select UPDATE to commit your changes or CANCEL to negate any changes. 
  • USDA Conversion Suggestions - You can view USDA conversion suggestions for an inventory item by entering the name of the inventory item into the USDA Item Name auto-fill field.  Select FIND to get the suggested conversion.  To view the entire USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, select the corresponding link.  This will navigate you to the Agricultural Research Service’s website where you can access the entire nutrient database. 

Inventory Item Conversion Alerts are frequently generated when adding Inventory Items via upload or substitutions.

Best Practice: Confirm that the Inventory Item and Taking Unit are correct before applying a conversion.

1. Check that the Inventory Item has the correct Base Unit assigned

2. Check that the Taking Unit has the correct Base Unit assigned

  • CAUTION: Editing a Taking Unit will apply the edit to all Inventory Items linked to the Taking Unit. It is a best practice to not edit the linked Taking Unit and instead remove and replace it with a correct Taking Unit.

3. If the above does not resolve the alert, click 'Fix' to apply a conversion