A Storage Location Alert is displayed when an Inventory Item’s associated Taking Unit has been removed and replaced by another Taking Unit or if an Inventory Item has no associated Taking Unit.

  • The Storage Location Alerts Table:  This table displays the following information for each Storage Location Alert:  Location, Storage Location, Inventory Item, Taking Unit, and Error Message. 
    • Location:  You can filter the results displayed on the Storage Location Alerts table by Location.  To do this, select a specific location in the ‘Location’ drop-down field (located directly above the Storage Location Alerts table). 
    • Storage Location:  To fix an issue and remove an alert, select the storage location for the inventory item in question.  This will navigate you to the Storage Locations page.  Find the alert on the Storage Location Items table and select the pencil icon to edit the corresponding inventory item.  Select the appropriate taking unit for the inventory item or create a new taking unit for the inventory item by selecting NEW.