This feature is a part of the Inventory Alerts page.


The Unassigned Vendor Purchase Item Alerts Table displays Vendor Purchase Items (VPIs) whose associated Inventory Item is unassigned. In most cases, this alert is caused by an EDI Invoice importing a new VPI that does not currently exist in Radar. 

  • Deactivate Unused VPI's -  If you select 'Deactivate Unused VPI's', all VPI’s that have an unassigned inventory Item will be deactivated.  Upon selection, confirmation window will appear that will allow you to confirm or cancel the deactivation. 
  • New Inventory Item -  You can create a new inventory item directly from this page by selecting NEW INVENTORY ITEM. Upon selection, the “New Inventory Item” window will appear where you will be able to create a new inventory item.  This is the same window that appears if you navigate to the Inventory module → Inventory Setup → Items → Inventory Items → and select NEW INVENTORY ITEM.  For more information on creating a new inventory item, please see the Inventory Item page. 
  • The Unassigned Vendor Purchase Items table- This table displays the following information for each Unassigned Vendor Purchase Item Alert:  Vendor Purchase Item, Code, Inventory Item (UNASSIGNED), Vendor, Location, Invoice Batch, Invoice (Last 30 Days), Posting Date, Invoice Date, Quantity, and Receive Units. 
    • Invoice Batch:  Select an Invoice Batch number to navigate to the Invoice Batch Details page for the selected Invoice Batch. 
    • Invoice (Last 30 Days):  Select an Invoice number to navigate to the Invoice Details page for the selected Invoice. 
    • Invoices:  Selecting a green arrow icon in the “Invoices” column will automatically navigate you to the Find Invoice pages.  Here, the last 10 invoices that included the corresponding VPI will be displayed. 
    • ASSIGN:  Select ASSIGN to fix/remove an Unassigned Vendor Purchase Item Alert.  After selecting ASSIGN, simply enter the name of the inventory item you would like to associate with the VPI into the auto-fill field.  As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type.  Be sure to select UPDATE to commit your change or CANCEL to cancel a change. 

Correcting Unassigned Vendor Purchase Items

Radar may provide suggestions for Inventory Items based on the name of the incoming Vendor Purchase Item. If the correct item is listed, select the Inventory Item to link it to the VPI.

If the correct Inventory Item is not displayed in the Suggestions column:

  1. Click ‘Assign’ to open the Inventory Item entry box
  2. Search by typing in the Inventory Item entry box
  3. Select the correct Inventory Item
  4. Click ‘Update’ to link, or ‘Cancel’ to close without saving

To assign multiple VPIs to the same Inventory Item

  1. Click the checkbox to the left of each VPI to be assigned
  2. Search for the appropriate Inventory Item in the search box above the Unassigned VPI Table
  3. Select the correct Inventory Item
  4. Click 'Assign' to link all of the selected VPIs to the Inventory Item