Vendor Management Solutions is designed to allow for the digital exchange of Invoice flat-files from configured Vendors. 


Electronic Invoices and Credit Memo files can be imported from Vendors at the line-item detail level. This eliminates the need to hand-key or verify invoice line items. It is also possible to import GL account-level data if the configured Vendor can provide it.


To enable VMS, please have a Superadmin submit an Add-On form

Once VMS is enabled, VMS request forms will need to be summitted for each Vendor being integrated. 

How Long Does the Vendor Management Solutions Project Take?

It is important to note that the Vendor Management Solutions (VMS) Program is an add-on service provided by R365 and is meant to streamline processes already available in the stock version of Radar. The VMS Program is not required for normal operations or functions. Openings or go-live dates should not be delayed due to VMS projects.

Generally, a VMS project takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. However, this timeframe can vary greatly depending on the Vendor’s bandwidth. The majority of the project duration is due to Vendor setup, and this lies outside of R365 control.

To ensure the fastest VMS project setup time, please confirm:

  • The Vendor being requested for VMS has a Vendor Record within Radar
  • Vendor account information submitted on the VMS Request form is correct and accurate
  • The majority of your Inventory Items are set up prior to beginning the VMS project
  • The customer contact requesting the VMS has a solid understanding of Inventory and Vendor relationships

VMS Request form

By submitting the VMS Add-On Request Form, I acknowledge that I have the authority to request this change. 

  • Note: Remember to submit one form for each Vendor being configured