The goal of Core Radar Implementation is to train your Superadmins to complete all daily, weekly, and monthly tasks necessary to maintain your Radar database. Consider who from your organization will be the main point of contact for Radar Onboarding. R365 highly recommends having all the Radar Superadmins for your company participate in the implementation process.


This article reviews some key ideas and topics related to the Radar Superadmin and their time with a R365 Radar Implementation Coach.

What does a Radar Superadmin mean?


A Radar Superadmin has the following qualities:

  • Has intimate knowledge of current processes and pain points.
  • Has access to documents: POS Reports, Payroll Reports, Order Guides, Purchasing Reports, Recipe Books, and current Inventory Count Templates.
  • Has the bandwidth to meet and complete homework. Five hours a week is a good average during setup.
  • Can act as a liaison with any third-party software
  • Authority to approve billable requests for the database

What to Expect


You can expect the following:

  • 3 hours a week setting up Radar.
  • A weekly one-hour call with a Radar Coach (a call will not always be needed at different stages of the training process).
  • Train the Trainer approach. Your Radar Coach will help train you, so you can train your end users. 
  • All calls with your coach will be recorded and available to your team.
  • Project Management tools that are customer-facing. After the project is complete, your team will continue to have access to train the rest of your team.

Topics to Discuss


Consider the following and be ready to discuss with your Coach:

  • What are the main goals you have and how will you measure a successful roll out of Radar?
    • Examples: Easier Inventory processes; better insight
  • Employee info in POS is up-to-date
    • Phone numbers and email addresses are accurate
    • Inactive Employees are set as 'Inactive'
    • Job Codes are correctly assigned and uniform across all Locations
    • Pay rates are verified
  • Vendors – Getting rid of or adding any?
  • POS Provider – Changing POS companies anytime soon?

COGS Setup


Preparing and putting together the following will help before your first meeting with your COGS Coach:

  • Order Guides
  • Vendor List
  • Item Number (number of the item shown on invoices)
  • Description of Item
  • Pack Size
  • Inventory Templates
  • Recipe Book
  • Note: AP, Inventory, Recipes, and Prep & Ordering are all add-ons to CORE Radar and may not be included in your project.