Once an Employee has been added to Radar, they cannot be removed and will remain available for historical reporting. Employees flagged as Terminated can be reactivated, making them available for Labor Scheduling and all Labor Reports.

Any Employee who has a Termination Date added to their Employee Data record will be tagged as Terminated in Radar. Removing the Termination Date will reactivate the Employee.  

  • Note: Only Active Employees with time punches in the last 90 days are available for shift assignments in the Labor Scheduling Module

Managing Terminations from the POS

Radar imports termination flags for Employees from most POS systems. Managing termination status for Employees via the POS is the recommended route for data consistency. 

If Employees are not able to be terminated from the POS or the POS data does not provide this information, the Employee termination status may be managed directly within Radar. 

  • Important Note: The POS-provided information takes precedence. If the POS provides the termination flag/date, the manually entered value will be replaced with the POS-provided value from the overnight poll. 

Manually Removing a Termination Date for All Locations

Manually changing the Terminated flag for an Employee is done through the Employee Data Module

  • If you do not have access to the Employee Data Module, please reach out to your Superadmins for assistance


1. Click the Pencil icon for the desired Employee.

   The Employee Details page will open for editing.

2. Remove the Termination Date from the Termination Date box. 

3. Click Save

Manually Removing a Termination Date for a Single Location

To remove the Termination flag for one, but not all Locations associated with an Employee, the EDM Beta page is used. 

  • Note: The EDM Beta page is in beta status and does not have a full release date scheduled. 

1. Click anywhere on the desired Employee's line. 

The Employee Details will open to the right.

2. Scroll down and click on 'Employee Locations'

Locations where the Employee is flagged as Terminated will have a Termination Date displayed in the 'Terminated?' column.

3. Click on the displayed Termination Date for desired Location

4. Click 'Activate'