All Employee records are polled from the POS or Flat Labor File. Employees cannot be manually entered into Radar’s Employee Data.  During the nightly poll, Radar imports the last 21 days of labor. Any new employees with time records picked up during the poll will be added to the Employee Data within Radar.


To add a new Employee to Radar, they must first clock in to the POS. Once a punch of more than one minute is associated with the employee, they will be added overnight. Once added to Employee Data, the Employee will be available in Labor Reports and Labor Scheduling.

  • Note: Active Employees in Radar are any Employees with punch activity in the last 90 days. To maintain an Employee’s active status in Radar, they will need to have time activity of more than one minute every 90 days.


If an Employee has clocked time in the POS in the last 90 days but not is shown in the Employee Data Module, the following audits will assist in determining the cause: