Employee Resolve is the term used for the rules Radar uses to turn raw labor data provided by the POS into employee records in Radar. Typically, when Radar receives data from the POS it is just a list of names and punches. Radar then groups the punches by employee through matching key data points in the punch record. 

Auditing Employee Resolve in addition to a regular Labor Audit is an important part of database setup and ongoing maintenance. This audit has three parts to ensure that both duplicated and combined employees are checked for all Locations. Since it is possible for employees to be combined across locations, auditing Employee Resolve will be an All Company audit. 

Audit Part 1 - Labor Audit

A regular Labor Audit can provide insight into combined employees. As part of the Labor Audit, a check of punches and names should be performed. For the Employee Resolve Audit, pay close attention to any missing names or employees with extra punches. This may indicate that they have been combined with another employee. 

Labor Audit Summary:

  1. Run a Labor Report from the POS 
    • Full fiscal week 
    • One Location

  2. Run Payroll Report from Radar 
    • Same Location as POS Labor Report
    • Same date range as POS Labor Report
    • In Step 3 Options: 
      • Metric = Punch Audit Details
      • Zero Rate Employees = Include

  3. Compare Reports for the following data points:
    • Names
    • Punches

A full walkthrough of the Labor Audit can be found here

Audit Part 2 - Employee Data Module (EDM) Review

A Name Audit of all employees in the EDM can pinpoint both combined and duplicated employees. The EDM Review is the primary way that duplicated employees are located.

Note: If you do not have access to the Employee Data Module or All Company Locations, please contact your Superadmins for assistance.

Filter for All Company

  1. Open the 'Employee Data Manager' page 
    • Note - This is the default page the EDM opens to when navigating to the Module

  2. Set the 'Location' filter to 'All Company'
    • Note - It is important to review the Employee List for All Locations together. Otherwise, duplicated employees may be missed.

  3. Set the 'Show' filter to 'Employees (with Time Activity) - Last 90 days'
    • Note - Employee Resolve is typically checked for active employees only. This filter setting will display the current list of active employees who have clocked in through the POS in the last 90 days.

  4. Click 'Show' button

Sort Alphabetically by First Name or Last Name

  1. Click on the column heading to sort by that column

Review Names

  1. Review ALL listed employee names
    • Make note of missing or duplicated employees

  2. Click the pencil icon to check Employee Details as needed

  3. Check ALL pages of Employee Records
    • Click the page number at the top or bottom to move to the next page

Audit Part 3 - Employee Resolve Updates Export

The Employee Resolve Updates Export is used to find combined employees. The export provides a detailed table of all employee records that have had an update to any of the possible Employee Resolve data points, including: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Location
  • Employee (POS) number
  • SSI number
  • Payroll ID

While Radar only uses four of these data points to identify employee records, all updates are listed in the export. Depending on the POS, there may be data points that update on every punch. The steps below will assist in filtering and reviewing the export to focus on employees whose First Name or Last Name has been updated. Employee records where the First Name or Last Name alternates between two or more names usually indicates that the employees have been combined.

Note: If you do not have access to the Exports Module or All Company Locations, please contact your Superadmins for assistance.

Run the Employee Resolve Updates Export

  1. Step 1 Filter - All Company

  2. Set 2 Filter - Full Fiscal Week

  3. Run Export

Download Export

If there are Employee Resolve updates present for the Locations/dates selected, the export will be available for download. If 'No Data' is returned, then there are no updates and the audit is complete.

  • Export available for download
    • Click on the export name to download it

  • No Data

    This indicates that there are NO resolve updates for the selected time period and that the audit is complete

Check for name updates in Excel

Open the Excel export. At first glance, this export may look like a jumble of data, names, and dates. The following steps will help make this information easier to review.

  1. Add Column after 'NewFirstName'

  2. Enter formula to compare 'OldFirstName' to 'NewFirstName'


  3. Copy formula to all cells in column 
    • Excel Tip: Grabbing the lower right corner of the cell will allow copying through dragging down to additional cells

  4. Check for 'False' in column G

    If the formula entered into Column G returns 'False', this indicates that the Name has been updated, and the Employees may have been combined.

    • Example: In this example, the Employee Record for Jessica Jones has been updated to Xavier Jones. Unless Jessica changed their name to Xavier, these employees are improperly combined in Radar.

    • Note: 'False' may also indicate that the name spelling has been recently updated in the POS. If the spelling has been updated, the resolve update should only appear once. If the spelling alternates back and forth, this indicates combined employees.

  5. Repeat steps above for Last Name
    1. Add column after 'NewLastName'
    2. Enter formula to compare 'OldLastName' to 'NewLastName'

    3. Copy Formula to additional cells in Column J
    4. Check for 'False' returned by the entered formula
      • Example: In this example, the record for Bill Smith was changed to Bill Carson. Unless Bill recently changed their last name, this indicates that the employees have been incorrectly combined in Radar.

What if Employee Resolve conflicts are discovered?

If Employee Resolve conflicts are discovered, either the data in the POS must be updated or the Employee Resolve configuration must be changed in Radar. Occasionally, both the POS data and Radar configuration must be updated.

  For assistance with Employee Resolve, please submit a case to Support. Please include:

  • Any known Employee Resolve conflicts (duplicated or combined employees)
  • Labor Report from the POS that includes employees involved in the Employee Resolve conflict
  • Reminder: Only Superadmins have authority to submit Support cases 


Our Support Team will:

  • Confirm your existing Employee Resolve configuration
  • Review Employee Resolve conflicts
  • Provide guidance for correcting the conflicts
    • Important Note: Resolving the Employee Resolve conflicts may involve updating data and configurations in your POS software
  • Update Radar Employee Resolve configuration (if applicable)