Employee Resolve is the term used for the rules Radar uses to turn raw labor data provided by the POS into employee records in Radar. Typically when Radar receives data from the POS it is just a list of names and punches. Radar then groups the punches by employee through matching key data points in the punch record. 


Employee Resolve Data Points

Radar looks at four data points to group punch data by employee.

  • If three or more match - Radar will group the punches as the same person
  • If only two match - Radar group will the punches as different people

Default Employee Resolve key data points:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Location 
  • POS #


Alternate Employee Resolve key data point configurations:

  • First Name/Last Name/Location/Payroll ID 
  • First Name/Last Name/SSN/Employee (POS) Number 
  • First Name/Last Name/SSN/Payroll ID 

Employee Resolve Conflicts

Depending on the POS in use and employee data in the POS, there may be instances where employee data is not properly resolved in Radar. An Employee Resolve Audit should be preformed periodically to ensure all employee records are properly grouped by employee. 

Duplicated Employees

If a single employee's records are not consistent for all data points, the employee may be incorrectly duplicated. 

This conflict often occurs for employees that work at multiple Locations. Since the Location is different, all three of the other data points must match for records to be associated with the single employee. 

  • Example: In this example, the employee works at two locations with a different POS Number at each location. For this employee to resolve as a single entry in Radar, the POS Number would need to be the same or the Employee Resolve configuration in Radar would need to be changed to look at Payroll ID instead of POS Number.

Incorrectly Combined Employees

If two employees share three of the key data points, they might be incorrectly combined. This conflict often occurs with employees that share Location and First or Last Names. 

  • Example: In this example the two employees share First Names, Location, and POS Numbers. For these employees to resolve as two entries in Radar, either the Names or POS Numbers would need to be different or the Employee Resolve configuration in Radar would need to be changed to look at Payroll ID instead of POS Number.

Repairing Employee Resolve Conflicts

If Employee Resolve conflicts are discovered, either the data in the POS must be updated or the Employee Resolve configuration must be changed in Radar. Occasionally, both the POS data and Radar configuration must be updated.

 For assistance with Employee Resolve, please submit a case to Support. Please include:

  • Any known Employee Resolve conflicts (duplicated or combined employees)
  • Labor report from the POS that includes employees involved in the Employee Resolve conflict

  • Reminder: Only Superadmins have authority to submit Support cases 

Our Support Team will:

  • Confirm your existing Employee Resolve configuration
  • Review Employee Resolve conflicts
  • Provide guidance for correcting the conflicts
    • Important Note: Resolving the Employee Resolve conflicts may involve updating POS data and configurations

  • Update Radar Employee Resolve configuration (if applicable)