Module Privileges can be adjusted at the Privilege Group level on the Privilege Group page. 

  • Important Note: Since managing privileges at the User level can be difficult to maintain, it is recommended to manage all privileges through Privilege Groups.


  1.  Module Privileges Drop-Down - Indicates the current Module being displayed
  2.  Privileges List - List of all privileges associated with the selected Module
    • Privileges marked with a  are currently assigned to the User/Group
    • Settings in BLACK  text will add privileges for the selected Module
    • Settings in RED text will remove privileges for the selected Module

Adjusting Module Privileges

Open Module Privileges for Editing

  • Navigate to the Privilege Groups page
    • Note: You may not have access to the Privilege Group page. For assistance, please contact your Superadmin.

    • Select the Privilege Group to edit

    • Click 'Edit'

Select Module

Select the desired Module from the Module Privileges drop-down. Each Module has Module-specific privileges that will then be displayed below. 

  • Note: When assigning privileges, changes will be temporarily saved when switching between Modules. Don't forget to save all changes when adjustments are completed.

Primary Privileges


  • Basic Access

    For each Module the bolded setting simply labeled with the Module name will provide basic access to the Module. Without this privilege, the User will not be able to access the Module and the Module will not show in the waffle menu. Usually this setting will be the first setting listed in the privileges list.

  • Location Access

    For most modules, Location access is managed separately from basic access. If Location access is not provided, the User will be able to access the Module but will not have access to any Locations or Location-related data.

    Many Modules have a setting that refers to the User's Primary Location Group, often titled 'Use Primary LG'. Adding this setting will allow the User to access data for the Locations in the Primary Location Group assigned to them on the User Manager page.

    • Best Practice: Add the 'Primary LG' privilege when granting access to the Module. This is the easiest way to manage Location access.

Additional Privileges

Once the User or Privilege Group is provided primary privileges to the Module, all other settings will add or remove additional accesses. 

  • Settings in BLACK  text will add privileges for the selected Module
  • Settings in RED text will remove privileges for the selected Module

Each privilege will provide a brief description when hovering over the privilege. A full list can also be found here.

Save Changes

Once adjustments have been made to the desired Module Privileges, saving will apply changes to the User or Privilege Group. 

  • Note: Users currently logged in will need to log out and back in to have changes apply.  

  • Click the 'Save' button - found at the top of the Privilege Groups page above the Privilege Groups list.