The 'Mimic Permissions' function within the User Manager is used to test a User's privileges. This feature will allow you to navigate and use Radar as if you were the mimicked User. 



Users with either of the following User privileges have the ability to mimic a User: 

Opening the User Manager


Adding Users is performed on the User Manager page within Company Configuration.


The User Manager is found in the User Management drop-down in the Company Configuration Module.

Mimicking Privileges

Follow these steps to begin mimicking privileges for a selected User:

  1. Select the User to mimic
  2. Click 'Show'
  3. Click 'Mimic Permissions' at the top of the User Details section

Once 'Mimic Privileges' has been clicked, Radar will reload as if you are the mimicked User. You will be able to see what they see. You will be able to navigate to all modules and pages they have privileges for, use all features they have privileges for, and view data for the Locations in their Primary Location Group. 

Access Denied Error

If you receive an 'Access Denied Error' when initiating the mimic, this indicates that the mimicked User does not have privileges for their default Module. 

  • Note: Modules the User does have access to will still be available in the waffle menu

Either the default Module will need to be updated to a Module the User does have access to, or the privileges will need to be adjusted to grant access to the default Module.

Sign Out Mimic

When you are done mimicking the User's privileges, don't forget to sign out of the mimic function to return to your own credentials. 

Sign Out Mimic is found at the bottom of the waffle menu.