Users will be locked if the incorrect password is entered multiple times. Once locked, Users will not be able to access Radar until their account is unlocked. 


Users with one of the following User Privileges have the ability to unlock a User: 

Important Note:  Support will not unlock users

Opening the User Manager

Managing Active and Deactivated Users is preformed on User Manager page within Company Configuration.

The User Manager is found in the User Management drop down in the Company Configuration Module.

Unlocking a User

  1. Select the Locked User
  2. Click 'Show'
  3. Click 'Unlock Account'

Resetting a User's Password

If the Locked User has forgotten their Password and has requested that it be reset, a temporary password can be applied to the user. 

  1. Enter a temporary Password
  2. Click 'Force Password Change'

  3. Unlock the User
  4. Inform the User of their new temporary Password