R365 polls information from your Point of Sale (POS) system by first installing our software on a server or computer at each location. This computer is typically your back of house computer. We can install the software one of two ways: Remote access or via the web using our portal. 

Please complete the attached Location and Remote Access Information sheet for each location. It is important you thoroughly complete this sheet to expediate your installation(s). If you have questions as to what information to provide, please contact R365

Restaurant365's IT Policy for Radar

Restaurant365's IT Policy is in place to protect our clients from phishing attacks. Please inform all your employees that R365 will never reach out to perform an unscheduled installation. For scheduled installations, our team will contact the location and immediately request a call back at our offices. This acts as final verification for an approved installation. 

Do not click any links or give out confidential information until you have verified your installation. A R365 employee will never provide an alternate contact number, use hostile language, or threaten your job. If any of these occur, immediately stop communication and contact R365.

Remote Access 

Restaurant365 requires the below confidential information to install software via remote access. To protect your company’s network from phishing schemes, NEVER click any email links or give out confidential information until you have called our offices at (415) 884-4888 to verify your approved installation. 

  1.  Remote Access Program. We can use any type of remote access program you have installed. Examples include PC Anywhere, VNC, LogMeIn, etc. Please write what type of program you have on location. 
  2.  IP Address. We need the IP address for the back of house computer/server where we will install our software. 
  3.  Username and Password. Please provide the login credentials for the remote access program that you use. 
  4.  Desktop Login. If your computer requires a desktop login, please provide those credentials. 

If you do not have remote access software set up on your back of house computer or server, R365 can use Team Viewer or Bomgar to complete the installation. This process requires someone be on location at the restaurant to begin the session. We will need both the POS and Windows usernames and passwords to complete the install. 

Before providing any information over the phone, please call our offices at (415) 884-4888 to verify your approved installation. A R365 Employee will never give you an alternate contact number, use hostile language, or threaten your job. If any of these occur, immediately stop communication and contact R365. You can schedule your installation appointment by contacting R365 Support. 

  1.  At the time of installation, someone must be on location at the restaurant to begin a Team View or Bomgar session on the computer requiring installation. 
  2.  From that computer, have your employee contact R365 and our team will walk them through the process. We will only require a few minutes of their time but will need access to the computer for 10-30 minutes. 
  3.  If you wish for us to call the restaurant, please ensure we have a contact name. Also make sure that person is aware we will be calling and why we need their assistance. 

The following 5 executables will run during polling and are located in C:\Ctuit\ or C:\CtuitLauncher46\ :

  •  C2_Launch
  • C2_QB
  • C2_SQLExporter
  • C2_Encrypt
  • C2_FTP

  • Note: C2_Scheduler will always be running as a service

Common Issues and Requirements  

Until we have installed our software at each necessary location, we cannot poll information from the POS. From experience, we have determined that the following issues often lead to a delay in software installation: 

  • Incomplete and/or incorrect remote access information. In addition to the IP address, we must have the correct username and password. Please provide complete and accurate information. 
  • No contact for installation. We need a name, phone number, and email address for the person responsible for the installation on your side. If we have incomplete or incorrect information, we must reach out to you or someone else at your main office who can provide us with this information. 
  • Firewall requirements. For R365to complete the installation process and poll data, the following sites need to be whitelisted in the firewall.

In the event that you need to whitelist via IP, they are:


  • Disaster Recovery IP range: 

  • Ctuit website:

Our software has a scheduler that runs as a service so we need to be logged in under a user that has the proper permissions to install it. Further, the installation and daily operation of the polling software also requires allowing the software access to the internet and proper Windows permissions. This may require installing our software under an Admin Windows account. In most circumstances, we can run the software under another account while logged into Windows as a regular user. 

Our software uses one of the following methods to poll: Active FTP (20 and 21), Passive FTP, HTTPS (port 443), HTTP (80), or SMTP (587). It also requires HTTPS (port 443) outbound and inbound access to our website for updates and configuration information. 

Important Note: If you are using a cloud-based POS system (e.g., Revel, Square, NCR Silver, Toast, Breadcrumb, Brink, Northstar, Gusto, Clover, etc.), R365 will not install software on-site and the above firewall requirements can be ignored.