Polling is the communication between Radar the POS for each Location. Each night after the POS end of day Radar polls in the following data: 

  • Sales – Previous Day ONLY 
  • Labor – Last 21 days 
  • Actual Cash Deposits – Last 7 days 

While the polling process is automated, there may be times where a repolling of the data is needed. The times where a repoll may be needed include when changes were made in the POS to past days, polling was disconnected in past days, and a data discrepancy needs to be resolved.

Issuing a repoll command will reimport the following data: 

  • Sales – Repolled day ONLY 
  • Labor – Repolled day and previous 20 days 
  • Actual Deposits – Repolled day and previous 6 days 

Issuing a Repoll Command 

Issuing a repoll is performed on the Poll Status page.

  • Note: If the Poll Status page is not listed, please contact your Superadmins for assistance 

The Poll Status page will display all of the Locations that are currently enabled for polling on the database.

Setting the DOB – Date of Business 

Step 1: Select the DOB to be repolled from the DOB filter

  • Sales - Select the DOB to be repolled. To issue repolls for multiple days, each day will need to be issued separately
  • Labor - Select the last already polled day of the pay period to be repolled (best practice)
  • Actual Cash Deposits - Select the last already polled day of the week to be repolled (best practice) 


Step 2: Apply the DOB filter by clicking 'SHOW'


Issue the Repoll Command 

Repolling is Location-specific. To repoll multiple Locations, a repoll command will need to be issued for each Location. 

Issue the repoll by clicking the repoll iconfor the appropriate Location.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: CAUTION Micros POS Locations! The Micros POS typically only stores check level details for 14 days. Issuing a repoll command will pull in the current data in the POS. If the check level detail is not present in Micros, the existing Radar check level detail will be overwritten with 'no data', essentially deleting it.  

No Repoll Icon Present 

If the repoll iconis not available for all the locations on the Poll Status page you may not have access to issue repoll commands. Please contact your Superadmins for assistance.

Additional reasons why the repoll iconis not available for some or all the locations on the Poll Status page.

  1.  The POS uses “External Data” polling. External data polling is where data is being pushed into Radar via API, and not polled in through the standard polling process. Location with External Data polling will be indicated with this icon. Click here for additional information on Repolling for these locations 
  2.  The POS is a mirrored location – Mirrored locations are a copy of the same location on a different Radar database. Mirrored locations are indicated with this icon. To repoll a mirrored location, issue the repoll command on the parent location.
  3.  POS is not installed for polling.
  4.  Payroll has been locked through Payroll Validation. If the payroll locked iconis present the repoll icon will be hidden and repolling will be locked. At the end of the pay period, if Payroll Validation has been certified, polling is locked to prevent labor data from being updated. To repoll, payroll will need to be unlocked. For more information about payroll validation
  5.  Sales have been locked through GL Sales. If the manual posting iconis present the repoll icon will be hidden and repolling will be locked. When the GL Sales Journal is manually posted the manually posted day is locked for repolling.

Repoll in Progress 

Once the repoll command is issued, the Pending Request detail box will update. This ETA is the next expected communication time between Radar and the POS. 

  • Note: The data import may take a few minutes after this time has elapsed.

Non-Cloud-Based POS System 

  • A Positive ETA - Provides an estimate of time until Radar connects with the POS to re-import the files
  • A Negative ETA -  Indicates that R365 is no longer connected to the POS back office server. Click here for more information.

Cloud-Based Systems 

  • Provides a 0 minute ETA, which no longer populates on the Poll Status page once the re-poll command has been completed

Repoll Complete 

A location that has been polled multiple times will have the polled multiple times icon present in the status box. 

Clicking on the location will display the polling details: 

  • Result - The status of the polling attempt (successful or unsuccessful)
  • Time - Time of attempted polling 
  • Data Found - Data type found in POS  
  • Polled Manually - Indicates if the poll attempt was issued as part of the automated schedule or manually issued through the re-poll command


If the repoll was not successful, the files may not be available in the POS or there is maybe an error in the polling connection. For additional assistance, please review the troubleshooting polling article.