The Pmix By Order Mode Cmp Report page controls the setup for the Pmix By Ordermode Comparison report. This page allows you to assign oreder modes to the columns displayed on the report. Since the report can display up to six columns, this page is only useful if you have more than six order modes.

Note: It is not strictly necessary to configure this page for this report to run. In the absence of explicit setup from this page, the top six order modes in terms of sales will be displayed on the Pmix By Order Mode Comparison Report.

Basic Usage

  • The Column Setup Table - The column setup table displays the Column Number, the Column Name, and the Assigned order modes for each column.
    • Edit - If you would like to edit a preexisting column name or add an additional column to the PPmix By Order Mode Comparison Report, select the pencil icon and enter the desired name into the ‘Column Name’ text field.  Select UPDATE to commit your changes.
    • ‘Green arrow’ - Selecting the green arrow icon will activate the “Order Modes” section and allow you to assign or unassign a order mode from the corresponding column.
      • Assign - Select one or more order modes in the “Available” column.  (Select multiple order modes by holding down the Control key on the keyboard while making your selections.) Next, select the icon to add the order mode(s) to the “Assigned” column.
      • Remove - To remove order modes from a report column, select a order mode in the “Assigned” section and select the icon.  This will move the order mode to the “Available” column.
      • DONE - Select DONE to save your changes.
  • RUN REPORT - Select RUN REPORT to immediately navigate to the Pmix By Order Mode Comparison report setup page.