The Upload Vendor Purchase Items page allows you to upload vendor purchase items (VPI’s) to an Excel spreadsheet. This can make the process of entering or editing VPI information more efficient. 

Download Vendor Purchase Items

To add or edit VPI information in Microsoft Excel, you must first download the Vendor Purchase Item Template or a list of your current VPIs. Note: Both options allow you to download/upload via a .XLS file or .CSV file. 

  • Vendor Purchase Item Template - If you are wanting to upload a large amount of VPIs to RADAR, it is best to download the Vendor Purchase Item Template. The Vendor Purchase Item Template will contain sample VPI information to help you create your VPIs. 
  • Current VPIs - If you are wanting to load only a few VPIs to RADAR or would like to view the VPI associated to a specific Vendor and/or location, download your current list of VPI’s. The file can be filtered by the following: 
    • Location - Select the location and or location group for which to filter the VPIs displayed. 
    • Vendor - Enter the Vendor into the auto-fill field for which to filter the VPIs displayed. As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. 

Upload Vendor Purchase Items

Once you have created or edited your VPI list in Microsoft Excel, you must upload the .XLS or .CSV file. First, select whether you would like to ignore duplicate entries (if there are any) or overwrite duplicate entries. Next, select BROWSE or CHOOSE FILE (depending on your browser) to locate your Excel file. Finally, select UPLOAD to upload your VPI information to RADAR.