The Purchase Review page allows you to view past inventory purchases by GL Code and location (or location group). 

Basic Usage

  • Location Group - Select the location or location group for which to view purchases.
  • Start Date / End Date - Select the start and end date by either typing the desired date into the fields or by selecting the calendar icon and navigating to the desired day.
  • Sort - Select whether to sort results in the table by Inventory Item, Vendor, or Price.
  • GL Code - Select specific GL Codes for which to view purchases. Select the ‘+/-‘ icon to add GL Codes to the list.
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to display purchases in the table.
  • EXPORT - Select either “Selected GL Code” or “All GL Codes” from the ‘Export to Excel’ drop-down list. Next, select EXPORT to export purchases for the desired GL Codes to Microsoft Excel. 

The Purchase Review Table 

The Purchase Review table displays Vendor Purchase Items, Vendors, Inventory Items, Default Taking Units, and locations that match your filtered criteria. Notes:

  • Prices are displayed based on the default taking unit for the linked inventory item.
  • Prices are averaged for the location and Vendor Purchase Items across all invoice batches posted during the specified date range.