A posting email alert is an email that gets sent to specified users when an invoice batch gets posted for a location. The Posting Email Alerts page allows you to view, edit, delete, or create a posting email alert. Note: The ‘Notify Location when Batch is Posted/Re-Posted’ setting must be turned on under AP Settings for posting email alerts to be sent. 

Basic Usage

  • Edit - Select the pencil icon to edit a posting email alert. This will allow you to change the location group and/or the email address.
  • UPDATE / CANCEL - Select UPDATE to save the change or CANCEL to cancel the change.
  • Delete - To delete a posting email alert, select the red x icon.
  • NEW POSTING EMAIL ALERT - Select NEW POSTING EMAIL ALERT to create a new posting email alert. After selection, a new window will appear.
  • Location Group - Select the location or location group for which you would like to create a new posting email alert.
  • Email Address - Enter the email address for the person you would like to receive the alert.
  • SAVE / CANCEL - Select SAVE to save the new posting email alert. Select CANCEL to cancel the new alert and return to the main window.