The Manufacturer Groups page provides you with an easy-to-use interface where you can assign manufacturers to a manufacturer group or remove manufacturers from a manufacturer group. This page can also be used to create new manufacturer groups. 

Searching for a Manufacturer Group

  • Manufacture Group - Enter the name of a manufacturer group into the auto-fill field to search for a specific manufacturer group. As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match you typed information will appear as you type.
  • Show - Select whether to show active, deactivated, or all manufacturer groups. “Active” is selected by default.
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view all manufacturer groups that match you search criteria. 

Creating a New Manufacturer Group

To create a new manufacturer group, select NEW MANUFACTURER GROUP at the top left corner of the page. A “New Manufacturer Group” window will appear above the Manufacturer Groups table.

  • Manufacturer Group Name - Enter the desired name of the new manufacturer group into this field.
  • Add Another - Select this option before selecting SAVE to keep a new, blank “New Manufacturer Group” window once you save your new group. This allows you to quickly enter multiple new manufacturer groups.
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to save the new manufacturer group or Cancel to cancel the creation of a new manufacturer group. 

The Manufacturer Group Table

The Manufacturer Groups table can be used to add or remove individual manufacturers to a manufacturer group. You can also use the table to edit the name of a manufacturer group or delete a manufacturer group.

  • Edit - To edit the name of a manufacturer group, select the pencil icon. Once you have made the desired changes, select UPDATE to save your changes or CANCEL to cancel the changes.
  • Deactivate - To deactivate a manufacturer group, select the red x icon. Note that you will not be able to deactivate a manufacturer group that has one or more manufacturers assigned to it.
  • Assign - To assign manufactures to a manufacture group, select the green arrow icon for the corresponding manufacturer group.
  • Currently Assigned - A list of manufacturers that are currently assigned to the selected manufacturer group will be listed in this column.
  • Available - A list of manufacturers that can be assigned to the selected manufacturer group will be available in this column. Note that a Keyword must be entered for there to be anything listed in this column.
  • REMOVE - If you wish to remove a manufacturer from a manufacturer group, select the desired manufacturer in the “Currently Assigned” column and select REMOVE.
  • DONE - Once you have finished adding and/or removing manufacturers, select DONE. Note that the number of manufacturers in the “Manufacturers” column of the Manufacturer Groups table will reflect the new number of manufacturers assigned to the group.